The Biggest Blogging Secret That I Know

The Biggest Blogging Secret That I Know
Blogging on a regular basis on popular topics and news stories does get in new visitors to your blog. But everything takes time.

I remember those days when I would get 4 visitors a day on Saviodsilva.com in the year 2000 and would be so pleased about it only to realize later that all those 4 visitors were my siblings logging on to check what I was publishing on that site every day.

But things changed once I started writing and publishing ghost stories on the site. The section soon started attracting a tween crowd from UK, Philippines, Singapore and USA within a few months of launching that section.

Then with more and more additions to that section I was getting 400 people a day just to read those ghost stories. Not bad, considering that I started with just 4 visitors a day few months ago.

Then I thought of making some money through that site and no matter how hard I tried it seemed quite difficult to make even a few dollars because I just wasn't guided properly or most of the advertising programs in those days were scams. Finally, I managed to find a few good affiliate programs (that actually paid) at more or less the same time and then the earnings started increasing.


More earnings being generated was exactly what my site needed at that time. I invested more time, money and efforts into building more and more content pages month by month.

Along the way, I did learn plenty of things which no book on internet marketing or content development could have taught me. Those things that I learned helped me expand my little online venture into a bigger online venture.

Then when I was getting over 2 Million visitors to my websites each month (it was in the year 2005) I thought I'd take a break for a few months and relax for a year or so.

After all, I felt that all the hard work was done and thought to myself that what could go wrong. That decision of taking a break from my online business was the biggest mistake I made in my online career.


I learned a cruel and harsh lesson that I should have realized if it happened to me today (in 2017).

I learned that people who visit your website vanish into thin air if you don't keep updating your site.

It is possibly the biggest content marketing secret of the largest websites and blogs on the web today but they just won't openly tell you.

Imagine if CNN.com or Huffington Post did not update for a few days. What would their loyal visitors do - they would just go to another news website that was updating their content each day.

Both CNN.com and Huffington Post would lose Millions of visitors in a matter of days. As simple as that.

Do Not Click This

Think I am wrong about this then give it a shot on your own site or blog sometime. But at your own risk!

Stop publishing online or stop uploading new content or writing new blog posts and your blog (or site) just gets forgotten.

Who can blame those so-called loyal visitors for leaving you in the dark when you chose to do it to you yourself.

Moral of this little post of mine is that 'No matter what, always keep publishing new and fresh content on your blog on a regular basis'.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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