1 Big Blogging Secret That I Learned During My College Days

1 Big Blogging Secret That I Learned During My College Days
Having received over half a Billion views on my content pages, blogs and fan pages, I decided that it was time to share a secret that I learned when I was in college.

This secret has been a guiding light for me all along the way and remains a huge part of my ways of working online as I enter the prime age of my online career.

Here is the 1 big blogging secret I'd like to share with you today...

"Strike while the Iron is hot..."

I realized the value of striking while the iron was hot pretty early on in my writing career. It was the time when the internet had just come to Mumbai and I was one of the lucky ones to experience this new invention (for Indians anyway) at a cyber cafe in Goregaon called Cyberia.

It was late 1996 and I decided it was time to spend a lot of time on this new technological device in India.

On the advice of my close friend (who had returned from America) I invested in a computer (Rs.40,000 at that time for a desktop) and an internet connection (Mantra Online).

Pretty soon I was dazzled, mystified and completely enthralled by the net and I would spend 4 to 6 hours a day (in 1996!) online chatting with people from all over the world and researching interesting things on AltaVista.com and NorthernLights.com.


After about a year I started to realize that I could become very popular online just by starting a website of my own and posting content that I felt people would like.

I built a few free websites on FreeServers.com and started uploading poems, stories, articles, quotes, pictures, and anything else that I found interesting and wanted to share with my visitors.

Things started going on smoothly and for the next 3 years I had already started making money only by associating with dating websites who would pay me a commission on each sale I helped make for them through my website ads and text links which promoted their matchmaking websites.

Then in the year 2000, it was time to take a big step forward and build my own website once I had completed my graduation and management studies.

At that time, there was absolutely no one in Mumbai who had started a website for soft skills training or articles online so I became the very first person to start a website which promoted my courses and posted articles, tips, pictures and more related to loads of other things.

Taking the giant step and investing in a full-fledged website made a huge difference to my online income and my offline business.

I started getting dozens to hundreds of students signing up for my soft skills training programs from late that year.

It was also easy for me to receive plenty of write-ups in the newspapers since I was practically the only institute or trainer that had a popular website (by then) promoting my courses and services.


Over the years, it was my willingness to take risks and striking while the Iron was hot that made me do well in my online and offline careers.

I always tried to make the most of opportunities that came my way (especially online) and I had started to become a master of prediction (at least that's what I think) over a short span of time.

I would spend hours just doing research online and then would prepare a list of topics that would be very popular in the future on the web. I would predict when celebrities would have babies or when they would get divorced, when certain trends, festivals or seasons would cause certain keywords to boom, when movies would be releasing, when big singers albums would be coming out in the market, and such stuff.

My predictions helped me design content well in advance for all or most of the above occasions so I was usually one of the first websites to have information on many big events or things when the predictions I made actually became a trending keyword in the future.

Striking while the Iron is hot is something that we must all do and do it in almost every major area of our lives.

When there is an opportunity that lies right in front of your eyes have the common sense to make the most of it.

It has been well said that 'Ask for Something and You shall Receive it".


Today, the internet and our lives are embracing new technologies, fads, innovations and trends. It is purely up to us to make sense out of few of them at least and put it to good use in our careers and our lives.

It has also been said that the early bird catches the worm. And, it is a popular fact that the winner of a 100m race is almost always the athlete who had the fastest start when the gun was shot.

My secret of striking while the iron was hot has helped me in writing articles on many topics which eventually became a trend or hit popularity online.

Of course, it is important to add that don't strike the iron while it is hot in every single thing you do.

Do your research, find out what you are really good at, analyze your time and resources that you currently have, and then once you are certain that there is a big advantage of doing something now rather than later then that is when you strike.

Hope this post helps You. It was thinking and writing very quickly done at the same time. Your feedback is appreciated.

In the coming days, I will share with you an interesting principle that can help you write better content by looking at content writing from a unique angle.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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