Random Musings On Birds, Understanding And Patience

Random Musings On Birds, Understanding And Patience
Would it better to be a bird in a cage or one that is flying free in the wide open sky above us?

No guesses to what your answer to this one might be as I present myself to you for a healthy exchange of information.

Sunny days tend to happen after a spell of very dark nights.

The full moon brightens up much more when there is more darkness around the world.

Life goes through its fair share of dark and sunny phases. How one sees both of them is purely up to one's own thinking and perceptions of the world around them.

Had this been a singing contest then every single one of you would be forced to sing at least a few lines for the judges who will judge our talents and for the audience that took the pains to listen to you sing.

Reading everything you can read is vital for you to understand things much more quicker but don't get so caught up in the pages of any one book else you will not venture out to pick up some more.

The soul is the beach of life while the world around us is the Ocean itself.

Not much can be gained by living one's days in the shallowness of one's minds.


A deeper search to activate one's soul is of utmost importance as the world loses her water every single day.

The water that I refer to here is not the H2O kind. Rather it is the liquid that bears within itself the entire molecules to live one's life to the fullest without truly exerting one's self at any point of time.

A misconception exists that living each day 24x7 is what is called as living a great life. Not so. In fact, the slower one walks through this planet, the more precious will be the experiences.

Solely depending on others around to form the map of your final destination will result in a journey that's mostly unfruitful since one's own mind, heart and soul have not been invested into the touring process.

Assuming that the waves of information inside this post is enough to push you towards a better Nirvana is assuming something that's ridiculously pointless to assume.

The smoke coming out of the chimneys of our soul are much more darker than those that emit itself from a forest fire. It's easy to be blown away by the winds on a mountain top but not that simple for the waves of UN-fathomed wisdom to drag you to pleasurable shores.

You should not throw stones at the person who taught you to fish since the Gods above will never forgive you for doing so. Not a threat, just something that's sound wisdom on a warm day here in Mumbai.


Liking my musings is not an easy thing to do so it makes me feel absolutely wonderful to know that thousands of you are gathering around this space to read through the 200 odd posts written by yours truly.

I cannot attempt to correct you for I don't know whether you are someone who is smart or foolish, wise or not so wise. Trying to make you see things from my soul's point of view is indeed a futile task since we have both got unique souls. No two souls on this planet are ever alike.

Marked differences in souls leads to tremendous differences in your understanding of what I say here and my own interpretation of what I've actually said. You have the liberty of making up your own mind about what passes through your brain area.


Knowledge that isn't properly used can never turn into wisdom nor can wisdom that's misunderstood be ever used for the personal benefit of a person.

Watching a flock of birds flying together in the sky is a wonderful feeling when you look up and spot them in the sky above.

But not looking up is surely not going to help your purpose since you just can't see the birds flying above until you take the efforts to actually look up into the sky.

Wow, a long winding explanation for something that should have been simpler for me to explain.

I'm off for another round of meditation and will be back with more musings for you to read through in detail in some time.

Your understanding and patience is always appreciated....

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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