5 Tips To Make A Bigger Impression With Your Audience

5 Tips To Make A Bigger Impression With Your Audience
1. The audience loves an informative and interesting speaker. Each and every single person present in your audience wants you do well in your speech.

They want you to be stimulating, informative, interesting and entertaining. They dislike being in the presence of a boring speaker.

No one likes listening to a speech that isn't interesting nor useful to them.

You will become a lot more confident when you understand that your audience wants to cheer you on while you speak.

All they want is for you to share something interesting, useful and relevant. If you can do this then you are surely going to win over your audience.

2. It is silly for a public speaker to sit down and speak to their audience. Unless, the speaker has a physical handicap or similar impediment that stops him or her from standing up and speaking.

It is best to stand while speaking to project yourself better with your voice and posture.

Your voice is usually at its best when you are standing straight. It is for this reason that you will find several Radio Jockeys stand up while speaking over the radio.

I myself prefer standing up while recording these audio books. I've recorded my past audio books while sitting down and I know the difference in quality when I record them while standing up these days.


3. Cortisol is a harmful substance that decreases your focus and concentration while reducing your ability to process complex and intensive information.

Cortisol is secreted out of our adrenal glands whenever we feel nervous, stressed out, angry or anxious.

A cool and quick way to reduce our cortisol levels is to exercise a bit and drink lots of water.

Going out for a long walk or spending time inside the speaking room simply walking around, mingling with the audience who arrived early, or even sipping on warm water are some easy ways to burn off that horrid cortisol.

Every speech is important, make each one count.


4. Taking a nice long shower with the usage of a fragrant soap is a must before any speech.

Never leave your home without taking a shower.

You must be clean and smelling nice for the entire duration of your speech. Chances are that you will mingle with your audience either before or after your speech.

It won't be nice to get close to them without smelling nice and fresh. Either way, being clean makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

You move with greater ease as you speak when you are clean, feeling fresh and smelling really good.

So always take a nice long bath or shower before you leave your home or hotel room. It's well worth it.


5. Passion comes with a deep interest for a particular subject area. Speakers with passion are usually those who love their jobs, know a lot about their subject, and love speaking in public.

Passionate speakers are not easy to find in today's world. A speaker who knows more and more about his or her subject. Plus has the passion to back up their knowledge through a confident and energetic body language.

The passion you feel for your topic must be shown through your voice, gestures and energy levels.

The audience always loves listening to what passionate speakers have to say. A passionate speaker can turn an otherwise boring topic into a lively one purely with his or her high energy levels while speaking.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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