A Dish That We Love For Breakfast And Tea

A Dish That We Love For Breakfast And Tea
It comes served steaming hot and leaves me wanting some more. This is a post about one of my favorite snacks - Poha.

Poha is a yummy snack that is served for Breakfast or as an early Evening meal in many parts of Central and Western India.

It is made from flattened rice that is cooked along with seasonings and spices. This tasty, simple and quick dish is served hot along with some chopped Coriander leaves as a garnish and a juicy lemon cut into quarters or halves.

In our home, we make this dish extra special by adding in roasted peanuts, boiled potato pieces, boiled green peas, cottage cheese cubes, and soya chunks.

The result is a more healthy and filling dish that we can relish anytime of the day.

The liberal sprinkling of fresh lemon juice over the Poha makes for an extra mouth watering experience.

We tend to enjoy our tasty dish of Poha along with a hot cup of tea on weekday Evenings.

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Everyone at home simply loved eating this snack and guests who drop in on a cold Winter's or Monsoon Evening really enjoy eating the yummy Poha that we make.

It's a naturally healthy snack since it contains boiled (not fried) potatoes, some soya chunks, boiled green peas, cottage cheese (Paneer), and of course the flattened rice.

Eating the first few spoons of hot Poha along with the potatoes, peanuts, cheese, soya chunks and cheese makes my mouth water every time.

I finish an entire bowl within a few minutes and then proceed to sip my hot cup of tea as I wait for another bowl (or plate) to be served to me.

Poha is quite popular in Madhya Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra.

You will find it served as a Morning meal in various restaurants and roadside eateries in many other parts of the country.

I am seriously thinking about starting off a small fast food outlet that serves Poha in Andheri West or some other part of Mumbai. I am certain that many people will come in to eat a plate or two each Morning.

If you haven't enjoyed this tasty snack as yet then perhaps it's time you take a break right now and head off the the supermarket to buy all the ingredients you need to make your Poha.

Various recipe variations are available online. Many with photos and some with videos. You should easily be able to fid some recipes on Google and Bing right now.

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