A Tasty Snack That Is Sweet And Easy To Make

A Tasty Snack That Is Sweet And Easy To Make
It's another chilled out Evening inside my home today. Everyone's all laid back after enjoying a lazy Afternoon just listening to music and enjoying each others company.

My 8-year-old son (Max) enters the Kitchen and says he's hungry. He also adds one of his favorite lines in the world "I want Jam Roti".

This is his most popular snack when he is just relaxing around the house with nothing much to do (which incidentally happens a lot in our home).

His Momma heats a Roti over the Tawa and then while it's still hot she drops some butter onto it.

Then she rubs the butter all over the Roti and then scoops a spoon full of Strawberry Jam onto it.

She spreads the Jam evenly over the bread, rolls it up, and hands over the tasty snack over to Max.

We watch him relish this little snack over the next minute. It's usually over in less than 60 seconds though.

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Then he looks with a sad face towards his Momma and says "It wasn't enough".

If his mother is in a good mood then she prepares another one for him to eat.

Today was one such time when she felt like making him another one.

The reason I am happy to write this post is because I get to eat some Jam whenever Max asks his Momma for a Jam Roti.

What happens is that the bottle full of Jam is kept back on the table with the lid not put on tightly.

While we watch Max enjoy his snack I quietly open the bottle and quickly put a spoonful of this wonderful Strawberry Jam into my mouth.

Both of them don't notice my quick act of stealing a spoonful of Jam from the bottle and I get up to return to my bedroom to write a post like this one. He He He!

So whenever your kids (or you) feel hungry then think about serving them a tasty snack such as Jam Roti.

The delicious combination of the melted butter and the sweet Jam along with the warm Roti makes this an ideal mini-meal in a jiffy.

My son loves this tasty treat so much that he takes the trouble to lick the spoon, his fingers and even the lid of the bottle so that no traces of Jam are wasted.

Thanks for reading. I'm off to try my luck at stealing another spoonful of Strawberry Jam without being caught. See you in a while.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
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