The Tiny Travel Guide To The Matterhorn

The Tiny Travel Guide To The Matterhorn
Matterhorn is a mountain situated in the Alps in Switzerland and is one of the most fascinating mountains enticing many mountaineers and nature lovers for many years.

This triangular shaped mountain stands at a height of more than 14000ft and has claimed several lives of climbers who have attempted to climb this mountain.

It lies on the border between Switzerland and Italy and is an important part of the Swiss Alps or the Alps mountain range.

The Matterhorn was formed by glaciations that took place in the Swiss Alps millions of years ago making it one of the most spectacular mountain of the Alps.

The Matterhorn is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and offer breathtaking views and is truly a photographer’s and nature lover’s delight.

Zermatt is a beautiful village located at the foothills of the Matterhorn which became popular after the first ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper.

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The Expedition of Edward Whymper turned out to be a tragedy when four men of the seven in the expedition died during the descent of the Matterhorn.

Zermatt the nearest point to Matterhorn can be reached by train which is the best way to reach the place and cable cars are also available to the summit of Klein Matterhorn which offer beautiful views and is a truly mesmerizing experience.

Matterhorn can be climbed with the help of experienced guides and prior experience or training in climbing and mountaineering is a must as ascent to this mountain is not very easy. Climbers need to be physically fit which is a prerequisite for climbing.

There are lots of hotels in Zermatt which offer good facilities and accommodation for a comfortable stay at the place.

Matterhorn fascinates many people across Europe and the world and continues to be one of the most stunning mountains in the world.

It looks awesome to see the tall peaks from the windows of our hotel rooms. A wonderful wonder of the world that stands tall.

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