How To Balance Your Yin And Yang

How To Balance Your Yin And Yang
There are two sides to every human being - the masculine and feminine sides.

However, since most lack information about this simple fact, life is often lived focusing on the gender you are born with.

These two sides are well represented in Chinese culture by the Yin and Yang circle.

Images of the same are popular in many parts of the world and shows a wonderful embrace taking place between the two sides while they lay side by side in the circular form.

These (by principle though) are opposite forces in nature and often represented by elements such as day and night, moon and Sun, male and female, etc.

On the human body, these two sides are most prominent when you take a closer look at your naked body in a large mirror.

A closer look at your hands, legs, the entire left and right positions of your torso will reveal how the left is markedly different from the right.

Your right hand will be different from the left one, the left leg different from the right, and other body parts on the left and right side bear these differences as well.

There might not be large differences between the two and a close look at your body for a few minutes will help you clearly see these differences.

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These differences in our bodies is because the left side of our bodies are feminine and the right side is masculine. This is how it has been from the day we were born.

A strong balance between these two sides of your personality will thereby help you become a much more well balanced person on the whole.

For example, if there are "easily" noticeable differences between the left hand and right hand, or left and right leg, then you can be sure that the side that's much more developed or larger in size or stronger is probably the one that you use the most.

It is estimated that more than 80% of the world uses their masculine sides much more thus leading to the belief that it is a man's world.

But the two sides of our being are not supposed to be compared with the two genders that exist in the real world.

For example, a man whose left side is more pronounced in comparison to his right side does not mean that he acts like a woman.

Definitely, his feminine side appears to be more powerful but that does not turn the man into a woman.

So it would be wise not to compare our two sides (Yin and Yang) with the two genders that exist in the world. Comparing them will lead to confusion and discrimination.

Understanding that we can reach our fullest potential when both sides are perfectly balanced within us is important to note here.

Some of the characteristics of the left side are feelings and intuition whereas those of the right side are facts, logic, systems and mechanical ability.

There are many more qualities or characteristics of both sides and a further study into them will do you no harm.

Observe the way you have been living your life over the past few months and you will find that possibly you have been overusing one of the two sides of your being much more than the other one.

You might be living your life in a well planned and logical manner thus building your masculine side more.

While others might be more creative, illogical, and different when it comes to living their daily life. These people are making their feminine side stronger in doing so.

To help achieve balance in our systems (and lives) we must take concrete steps towards making the weaker side stronger.

For example, if your feminine side is more dominant in you then simply being more logical, mechanical, systematic, and factual in the way you go about your day will help align both sides much better.

Achieving a perfect balance between both sides of our being will go a long way towards helping us live happier, more fulfilling and wholesome lives.

I will write a couple of posts about these two sides in the coming weeks so that your understanding on this vital topic will increase further.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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