The Tiny Travel Guide To The Angel Falls

The Tiny Travel Guide To The Angel Falls
Waterfalls have always been a spectacular creation of Mother Nature and attract anyone across the world with breathtaking views.

Angel Falls is one such falls in Venezuela which is the highest and continuous water fall in the world making it the pride of Venezuela.

Locally known as Kerepakupai Meru( meaning waterfall of the deepest place) and true to its name it falls from the tip of the Auyantepui Mountain at a height of more than 3000ft and the size of the fall is more than 800m which is truly amazing.

The Angel Falls are a part of the beautiful Canaima National Park located in the Bolivar state of Venezuela and ranks first among the tourist attractions of the country.

Discovered by an American pilot Jimmy Angel after whom the falls is named, the Angel falls is surrounded by rich bio-diversity of lush green mountains, dense forests and beautiful landscapes making it one the most stunning and captivating locations in the world.

This spectacular falls is also named as Salto Angel, Big River and Tulume Bena and an interesting fact is that one can experience the cold droplets of the falls more than a Km away.

The water falling from such a great height makes the Angel Falls appear like a Sparkling silver streak and is visual treat and a photographer’s delight.

During summer the water evaporates even before reaching the ground giving a misty appearance and during the rainy season it is even more enchanting.

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There are tours which are organized to Angel Falls and can be booked from Ciudad Bolivar or Caracas whichever is convenient and competitive.

The best time to visit the Angel falls and view the stunning wonder of nature is between May to November.

The Angel falls charms tourists across the world and is surely an enthralling location which captivates and mesmerizes anyone giving them a feeling of being in a wonderland.

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