How I Unlocked The Secret To Happiness After Nearly Dying

How I Unlocked The Secret To Happiness After Nearly Dying
A tooth that is shaking and loose will not rest until someone pulls it out. One of the most irritating things on the planet is a loose tooth.

Two days ago, my wife had to make an emergency visit to the dentist because of a loose tooth.

Human beings can be really restless at times.

Even a man out fishing in a serene lakes gets restless when he is unable to catch a fish after an hour of the bait laying in the water.

One of our founding members sent me a message from Goa saying that he really liked the two posts I wrote today.

He intends on sharing the link to both posts with some of his loved ones. It's a wonderful feeling when people love and appreciate the work that you do.

Even more wonderful when the one who found your work useful is someone who knows you for a very long time.

I am not popular anymore. A lot of people know my name online.

Possibly because I was so well marketed on the internet during the years 2001 to 2009.

But, personally, I am not at all popular anymore.

Looking back to my college years, I remember those days when almost every single student in my college knew my name.

Today, things are different. I wanted things to be different.

Few weeks ago, a question was asked in the Q&A section, it read something like "What would you choose out of the following...lots of money, plenty of fame, or much wisdom?".

When I was younger, I would have quickly said that I wanted the money or the fame, if possible both of them.

But that is what most people would answer to the question.

Thankfully, my many years of experience in soft skills training taught me that there is a lot more to life than money and fame.

I retired from taking full-time classes in a classroom around 8 years ago.

I realized that I was missing out on a lot by being stuck inside the four walls of my classroom.

Fortunately, a major change in my personal life ensured that I called it a day as a soft skills trainer inside a classroom.


My son was born. I was married a year before. I met my wife a couple of years before that.

I discovered that I had high blood pressure a year before that.

I learned that my mother would not be living much longer a year before that.

My experiences with thousands of students and millions of website visitors taught me that I was restricting myself by living a limited life.

After several days and weeks of introspection, I realized that it was my hunger for money and fame that was causing problems in my life.

Had I been working fewer hours then I would be much happier.

Had I been spending more time with my loved ones then I would be spending lesser money and being far more satisfied in my life.

I firmly believe that rapists, child molesters, murderers, con men, etc. are people who are desperate, frustrated, mentally deranged, stressed out, and most importantly unhappy.

A happy human being will never go around molesting and raping people.

A man who is satisfied will never touch a child in an indecent manner.

Modern society can be much more peaceful and beautiful if people are happier!

It's life's ultimate purpose - the pursuit of happiness, just the pursuit, never actually attaining it!

But I wanted to make changes in my life. I knew that if I continued living my life chasing money and fame then I would be dead before the year 2013.

It was a hot summer's evening of April 2010 that changed my life completely.

I had already cut down the number of hours I was taking classes in my institute by that year.

On our family doctor's polite advice I started taking just 1 class a day instead of 2 or 3.

This was because my blood pressure had shot up a lot and because of my weight I could have a stroke, enter into a coma or die of a massive heart attack.

Fortunately, none of those things happened. I took my doctor's advice, cut down on my working hours, and focused purely on enjoying my life to the fullest.


It was as if the changes in my health and personal life helped me understand the value of the lessons I always taught my students since I started my personal development classes way back in 1999.

Anyway, it was a hot summer's day in April when I was about to conclude my classes for the day and come home when my life changed forever.

I started feeling dizzy towards the end of my lecture, I taught it was dehydrating so I drank lots of water, sat down for a couple of minutes and then continued with my lecture as if nothing had happened.

After a couple of minutes I was still feeling weird in my head so I concluded the class and rested in my classroom for 10 minutes or so.

I felt better after those 10 minutes so I headed back home on my bike.

When I reached home, I fell down to the ground almost a minute after I entered. I couldn't get up on my own.

My wife was shocked to see me lying down on the floor.

She didn't know what to do as I told her not to lift me up at that time.

I had read somewhere that if moved during such an attack then I could die of a massive heart attack.

So I just lay there, I never felt that way in my entire life.

It wasn't a heart attack! It was a physical breakdown due to my extremely high blood pressure.

My wife called the doctor who reached our home within 15 minutes. He checked me while I lay motionless on the floor.

I was too dizzy to even see things clearly. I felt that I was dying.

I told my wife that I loved her a lot and kissed my son and her goodbye.

However, after the doctor left, and after eating some plain boiled rice I felt a lot better.

I took the medicines that he prescribed and got up after nearly an hour of lying on the floor.

I lay in my bed for the next 2 days. This gave me enough time to think about my future. Well, if there was going to be one that is.

I called those 2 days a life changing experience for me because I decided to stop taking full-time classes after that episode.

I decided I would wind up the business after a year or two and work from home.

I realized that the money I made did not matter one bit when I wouldn't be alive to enjoy it along with my wonderful wife and kid.

Do Not Click This

Today, I look back and wonder why I didn't retire from my business much earlier.

I find it funny how we humans don't understand the damage we are doing to our physical and emotional selves until it's almost too late.

And it is usually too late for most of us, unfortunately.

I don't want to go on and on about this.

What I want to share with you today is that what matters most to us is not money or fame but how happy we are in our everyday lives.

It might sound weird to some of you that I actually knew this way back in 1996 but never believed that daily happiness mattered most of all. It matters more than anything else.

Today, I don't make even 1/4th of the money I made while I was taking classes in 2010 and before.

I am not anywhere as popular as I was during the first 10 years of this century.

It doesn't matter one bit, that's the great news for me.

It doesn't matter whether we are millionaires or billionaires, it don't matter if we are celebrities or experts in our fields.

What matters "directly" to us is how happy we are every single day of our lives.

Fortunately, meditation and prayers helped me immensely in overcoming my health problems.

Of course, my change in diet, change in lifestyle, work hours, etc. also played a major role.

But had I not decided to quit my day job then I am almost 100% certain that I would be dead by today.

Maybe a lot before today...

My message to my ardent and passionate readers is simple...

Do what makes you happy.

Work lesser hours.

Spend more time with the ones you love the most.

Don't be caught in the Rat Race!

Tomorrow things may change, life might end, you will die...

And I hope that none of you have to die feeling sad and regretful about the fact that you chased money, fame and other stuff instead of focusing purely on being happy every single day of your life.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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