The Magic Of Taking A Break

The Magic Of Taking A Break
It makes sense to take tiny breaks for each hour of activity and larger ones for a couple of days each week.

Not many follow this simple rule even though most of us understand the importance of taking breaks from our regular routine.

If you hold up a glass of water on the palm of your right hand then you will find that the weight of the glass becomes heavier and heavier as time moves forward.

You will not be able to hold the glass after 30 minutes have passed. And if you somehow manage to keep the glass up then you will find that it's one of the most difficult tasks to maintain in the entire world.

Our daily lives are exactly like that full glass of water that's being lifted up in the palm of your right or left hand.

Not taking a break during the day will lead to you feeling really tired and completely exhausted by the end of the day.

It's not healthy for you to keep working or being busy with activities all day. It's vital that you take a break every half an hour of work.

And it's also necessary to take a longer break after every couple of hours of work or activity.

Airplanes that fly long distances must take brief stops after certain hours of flying so that they can be refueled and inspected by the engineers and other ground staff.

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If a plane does not refuel after a long flight then it will obviously be unable to fly again until the fuel has been filled in once again.

Similarly it's vital that human beings take breaks at the end of the day just like refueling is important for a long distance passenger plane.

A few hours of rest, recreation and relaxation when one completes the day's work is important for every single human being on the planet.

Sleep is another aspect of our lives that's crucial for us to live better and feel better during the day.

Our bodies and minds need a complete break from all activity for a minimum of 7 hours. Though sleeping for 8 hours or more is better.

Don't cut down on your sleeping time and never miss your night's sleep. You will feel completely drained out the next day if you do.

A wonderful way to take a break is to relax or meditate. Daydreaming while you relax and meditate is a nice way to pass one's time.

Close your eyes (wherever you are) and simply head off to another place that is serene, relaxing and quiet.

Daydreaming about places like mountains, lakes, valleys, beaches and one's favorite vacation spots will do the trick here.

Taking regular breaks ensures that you are much more focused than if you had not taken breaks. You also are most effective and at your best when your body and mind are fully alert and relaxed.

Don't forget to have all your meals as well. Skipping even a single meal during the day can mess up your focus and concentration for the next few hours. Drink a lot of water as well.

Ensure that you give your body and mind complete rest for at least 2 days during the week.

Weekends are ideal but any other days are fine as well. Make sure you don't do anything that's taxing on either your mind or body during these weekly holidays.

Take regular vacations during the year. A vacation need not be outside the home. You can take a complete break from your regular routine by lazing around the home for a week or more.

It's advisable that you take at least 8 vacations of a week or more each year. Internationally, 2 months of holidays is the standard.

Remember, a vacation does not mean that you have to go outside the home for it. You can relax at home itself but make sure that you don't do anything that involves working or taxing your body, heart and mind.

During your weekly holidays and longer vacations spend time on connecting with your inner being and your soul.

Meditation and quiet moments of serenity and relaxation are of utmost importance and highly beneficial to one's long term health.

This is it. The central message in this post is simple to understand....

Take regular breaks during the day, sleep well at night, don't work much for 2 days a week, and go on regular vacations during the year.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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