A Powerful Meditation Technique To Relax Yourself

A Powerful Meditation Technique To Relax Yourself
Modern life has taken a vicious toll on most of us. Stress, negativity, worry, regrets and guilt occupy corners of our mind several times during the day.

The time has come for us to learn how to relax in such a way that our stress and other negativity prevailing in our lives is greatly reduced.

One does not need to sign up for expensive retreats, lessons from spiritual gurus or motivational speakers, consultations with life coaches, and tons of self help books.

Yes, the right guidance can work wonders for you but it's important that you first master the art of relaxation before you go about seeking help from the outside world.

Complete relaxation is when the mind, body and heart are free of tension and worry while you are completely at ease and peace on the inside.

Your body feels wonderfully calm and serene while your mind has not a single worry in the entire world.

This is true relaxation and it takes just 10 minutes of your time to slip into this amazingly peaceful and relaxed state of being.

It's best to do what I share here during the evenings or when you have a long break from your work and daily chores.

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This is a powerful relaxation method that I've used myself for several years with fantastic results.

Thousands of readers, students and clients have been amazed at the astounding results they have received after putting my simple relaxation method into practice in their own lives.

Alright. It's time to share my simple yet powerful relaxation method with you....

You need to first switch off or get rid of all potential disturbances such as the TV, cellphone, etc.

Put on some comfortable and loose cotton clothing for this exercise.

Proceed to lay down on your comfortable bed or sofa.

Then close your eyes and focus on the sounds of your breathing.

Listen to your breathing while focusing on the sounds of the world around you.

Also stare at a blank spot inside your mind while you are laying there restfully.

A blank spot could be just the emptiness of your mind as you breathe in and out deeply.

Simply continue doing this for a few minutes while just drifting further into a peaceful and restful state.

You may fall asleep after a while or just lay there with your eyes closed thinking about nothing.

That's it.

Deep breathing, focusing on that blank spot inside your mind, laying there in a rested state, and dozing off or laying there doing nothing.

Keep doing this easy and immensely powerful meditation activity every single day.

This system works best when you are tired and exhausted, feeling bored or lonely, a bit blue, or just in the need of some pleasant relaxation.

I perform this amazing and simple relaxation exercise at least 6 times during the day.

Sometimes I spend hours just meditating, resting and relaxing.

It feels wonderful to wake up fresh, rejuvenated and fully relaxed after performing this easy exercise during the day.

Practice meditation on a daily basis. Follow the simple guidelines mentioned inside the post 'Meditation Day' to get started.

I'm off for my 3rd stint of relaxed meditation now.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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