It Is Time To Perform A Happy Analysis

It Is Time To Perform A Happy Analysis
A sound analysis of what makes you feel happy is a good thing to focus on today. Not many have knowledge about what makes them feel happy.

Focusing some effort in understanding this will help you in times of sadness, gloom and moodiness.

Generally, doing what we love makes us happy so it would be nice to start off your list by putting down all those things that you love to do.

Being in the presence of certain people usually makes you feel happy. Write down their names on your list.

Certain TV shows, songs, movies, comfort foods, websites, etc. make us happy as well.

Seeing beautiful pictures of nature, reading a few jokes online, or simply having nothing to do all day makes us happy.

Vacations, public holidays, weekends and surprise breaks during the week make most working professionals and students happy.

For me, the most important thing on my list of things that make me happy is relaxing in my bedroom.

I call this personal space as my central park...

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Daydreaming is another activity that truly makes me feel light and wonderful inside.

Flying away (in my dreams) to distant lands, over the Ocean waters, and enjoying a picnic at the edge of a lake are things that I frequently daydream about.

Keep building your list with things that make you happy. Take some ideas from the post "100 Things That Make Me Feel Good Instantly".

You will one day need the help of your list to help change your mood.

The day I am talking about are those sad and gloomy days that come along without warning.

You just wake up feeling blue and the feeling persists for most of the day. Not anymore!

Go through your list of things that makes you happy whenever you feel sad or blue and do something that's the easiest and the quickest thing that makes you happy as soon as you can.

You will discover that your sad and gloomy mood suddenly changes to a pleasant one that brings smiles across your face.

Though most other psychologists and counselors suggest seeking happiness in the outside world, I believe in doing quite the opposite.

For me, I would only suggest things that make you happy purely because of inner changes that you make.

I would strongly suggest that you reap the immense benefits of meditation, daydreaming and relaxation over any outside forces of joy.

Meditation is something that you can do anytime and anywhere. Always free.

Read the post 'Happy Meditation Day' to start practicing it properly.

Another activity that truly makes you feel relaxed and happy is closing your eyes and resting on your bed during the daytime.

People tend to look at resting during the day as a lazy one's activity but it is something that the happiest and most successful people in the world do.

Prepare a daily schedule that fills in enough rounds of meditation and relaxation within.

You will soon be happy no matter what the circumstances or situations around you.

Since your happiness comes from within and is not governed or controlled by outside forces.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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