Happy Days And Evening Thoughts

Happy Days And Evening Thoughts
It's another special day for all of us. We are alive!

What more could make us feel so very special. The world is an amazing place to live and the sooner we start exploring it the better.

It's not like we can love another human being without a tinge of possessiveness and jealousy creeping through into the relationship at some point or another.

The afternoon was a relaxing and blissful one. The evening rolls into being right now and my cup of tea lies waiting for me.

Start living your life from today. Don't wait for something really extraordinary to happen to move forward in the manner that you dream about. Life should not be spent in a stagnant frame of mind.

Moving towards something that you always wanted to do is important to set things into play in a positive manner for you.

Our goals can be reached with ease if we plan them well and make a consistent effort every single day to do something that takes us ahead in the right direction.

A good fruit always comes from a tree that stands...

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Cut down your dreams, discount them, live aimlessly, and you are asking for trouble. Quite literally.

A withered and battered down flower shall not attract any bees for the insects like the fresh ones most of all.

A day that is lived without something interesting and exciting to do makes the day a wasted one.

The dinner shall be served in an hour's time. Stir fried vegetables, mashed potatoes, curried white beans, and boiled rice is what's in store for me.

Love the taste of them mashed potatoes. The smell of the butter and white pepper makes it a wonderful accompaniment for most main courses.

For dessert, there is some chilled mango pulp along with vanilla ice-cream.

It's going to be really delicious and my mouth's watering just writing about what's in store for me at the hour's end.

Your own actions and thoughts determine how happy you can be.

The more purposeful our days are, the more happy we usually become.

Experiencing happiness isn't a cup of tea for most people.

You cannot pursue something that you don't know much about.

Chasing happiness is the external world is a desperate and pointless affair since true happiness can only come from within one's being.

Meditation and reflection help us enter into our souls and experience the joys of communicating with ourselves and God.

A daily habit of daydreaming, purposeful reflection, and guided meditation makes the experience of inner joy an easier experience.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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