Treat Others Like Royalty

Treat Others Like Royalty
Treat other people with respect. Make others feel good about themselves.

Praise your friends whenever they have done something to deserve it. Always make your family members and loved ones feel special.

People who are highly effective in making friends and influencing people are usually those that have the "brilliant" habit of making others feel good in their presence (and long afterwards).

Human beings will forget almost every bad thing you say (as long as it isn't about them), they will even forgive you for any mistake you committed (no matter how severe) but every single one of us will always remember how someone makes us feel while they spend time with us.

Most teenagers and youngsters fall in love with someone that makes them feel better about themselves.

It's like a huge confidence boost being around that person.

Love is more a selfish emotion at that age since it tends to revolve around how the person we love makes us feel about ourselves when we are around them or thinking about them.

I have absolutely no respect for friends and peers who do not treat me right whenever I spend time with them.

A bad host is always dumped!

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Make sure that you treat your loved ones and close friends with loads of respect.

Appreciate them for being around and spending time with you. Show them that you care by treating them like royalty.

Never insult your friends and family, don't curse them or put them down in front of others or when they are alone with them, and don't treat your loved ones and special friends as trash.

No one will ever forget or forgive you for treating them bad or showing them that they mean nothing to you.

The fastest way to a person's heart is to genuinely care for that person, shower them with praises, spend time with them and make them feel special all the time.

One of the main reasons for friendships fading and relationships breaking is how you make your friend or partner feel when you are in their company.

Don't treat your special someones like garbage else you will be thrown out of their hearts and possibly out of their lives as well.

However, it's important to mention at the end that you must choose carefully who to treat like Royalty and who to ignore since there are too many creeps around the place these days.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
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