Look At All Sides Of The Situation

Look At All Sides Of The Situation
Seeing things from just a single point of view is the sad and foolish habit of truly ignorant or judgmental individuals.

One of the cardinal guidelines to follow for a relationship or guidance counselor is to look at things from different angles and varied points of view.

Too often marriage counselors and family therapists focus their efforts on an assumption that they have made based on just one viewpoint thus causing them to see things from a narrowed mindset.

It's not just counselors who suffer from the silly habit of seeing things from a single point of view.

Most of us tend to look at things purely based on a single assumption, view or angle.

Maybe it is our impatience or judgmental attitude. Perhaps it is our tendency to be biased and distracted by just a single thing.

But it's usually a mistake to focus on just one side of the situation.

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Always hear the other person's view as well or try your best to find out more before you come to rapid conclusions.

We must try and know the other side of things.

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We should always look at the situation that arises from different angles.

Dip deeper, think out of the box, and come up with varied points of view based on any given situation, circumstance or issue.

The human eye is trained to see at a 180 degree angle. Thus we are naturally able to see what is in front of us and to the sides as well.

Similarly we should always look at life's situations and problems from different angles and come up with various viable solutions for the given issue.

Highly effective human beings, top counselors, the finest managers and others who excel in their chosen fields are usually those who think out of the box, look beyond the ordinary, and never jump to conclusions based on just a single factor.

Among the most favored areas where we should look at things from different angles is in personal relationships.

It helps when we see things from both or all the possible sides instead of just basing things on one's person input or a single point of view.

It's like crossing a one way street really....

We must look both sides before we cross the busy road else we might get hit by a vehicle.

Look at all sides of any given situation and you are almost certain to arrive at better conclusions or decisions thereafter.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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