Osovo Is Your Secret Garden

Osovo Is Your Secret Garden
The most beautiful day of the year comes to a close with my 594th post here on Osovo.

There will certainly be hundreds more posts that I shall write here should I live for another year (I hope I do).

I am truly fortunate to have tons of readers who come to read all our posts so often.

It's been a privilege to write for you and Osovo is where I shall share pieces of my soul on many a night.

Some people on this planet are lucky enough to live the life that they want to and enjoy doing only things that kindles the fire in their souls.

I guess I am one of the select few that belongs to this fortunate group of lucky souls.

It thrills me to write random musings for so many ardent readers.

What a relaxing day it has been...

Meditated for a few hours while spending time talking to a dear friend who I invited over for eats earlier today.

Music has become an important part of every hour that I sit here writing things on my computer.

Do Not Click This

It's tough for me to separate the two tasks of listening and writing with such mesmerizing tunes being played by my favorite New Age gurus.

I enjoyed drinking as many as 5 cups of tea during the day. My penultimate one was drunk a little over an hour ago.

It's the healthiest and tastiest drink for me.

I relish every sip that I take as I sit down conversing with my loved ones or while standing by the large bedroom window watching the world go by.

This sacred space on Osovo is your central park and secret garden.

One where you may visit ever so often when you wish to read awesome posts.

And share random bits of information and thoughts with our readers.

Also pieces of your soul and mine shall be published as well.

If you are new here (I'm guessing that you are) you might not understand the purpose of this blog.

That's why I must write about it before I hit the publishing button on this post today.

My musings are a way for me to connect with my readers throughout the world.

It's a way for both of us to sit down at our computers and communicate with each other.

You shall be the one on the receiving end for most of the time but don't be surprised if I read your mind and write about exactly what you are thinking about.

For me, this is a unique and blessed way to sit down and talk with people from over 200 countries at a single time.

The internet is a wonderful way for me to reach you wherever you are in this world.

You and me sit down here and communicate anytime on Osovo.

Sometimes if we are lucky enough then our souls connect and a remarkable connection is formed between us.

Stick around for a few days and you will soon know why we all return to these sacred spaces and secret gardens that our little content development team creates for all of us.

Life's so beautiful when we have our own little homes on the web where we can come to whenever we feel a bit blue or have some free time to spend on reading something fascinating and different.

Osovo is our new home. Both yours and mine. May this secret garden remain our sacred space for a long time to come.

Love you deeply even though I don't even know you. Someday you will know why I said this and also understand exactly what I just said to you.

Until then.....I'm off for my last cup of tea before I call it a day in the office. See you soon.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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