The Persian Limes Inside Osovo

The Persian Limes Inside Osovo
Persian Lime is a juicy green fruit that is also called a Tahiti Lime.

Legend has it that this wonderfully lumpy lime made its way to USA via Mexico where Portuguese traders bought it from Iran around 140 years ago.

Persian Limes are used to make fresh, canned and frozen juice and juice concentrate.

Florida is the state where around 93% of this fruit is produced.

The uniqueness of this particular lime is that it stays much longer than the Key Lime variety and also provides a bit more juice due to its slightly larger size.

It makes for an excellent crop (commercially) since its easy to grow in large amounts and can easily be turned into lime juice concentrate that can be sold all over the world.

Another advantage of this lemony fruit is that Persian Lime has no seeds thus making the process of juicing much easier.

The tree is practically without thorns thus making picking easier.

Both fresh limes and juiced versions are freely available throughout the United States and most other parts of the world.

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Persian Lime juice also acts as a cleansing agent and is commonly used to remove the stains from cups, saucers and pots made of glass, copper or clay.

In the year 1895, John T. Bearss came up with the seedless variety of this fruit in California hence the name of this fruit is also "Bearss Lime".

This particular fruit has a unique fragrant and spiced aroma when it has grown to its full size (approx. 6 centimeters).

It is normally green in color but starts turning yellow as it grows ripe.

There are nipple like protrusions at both ends.

This lime is less acidic and bitter than most other limes thereby making it a popular lime.

The dried version is commonly used in Persian cuisine and it adds loads of flavor and taste to the dish being cooked.

Iraq and other neighboring countries also grow and use these limes in massive quantities.

Exports to the US and other parts of the world happen largely from Mexico and Florida.

The long shelf life of this fruit has inspired me to come up with an online space just focused on providing interesting information that will help our readers live juicy and fulfilling lives.

Osovo is where I write about fascinating and interesting things.

I will share information that directly connects with my readers and helps all of us live juicy and aromatic lives.

Posts will be published regularly just as Persian Limes are grown throughout the year.

You can read posts on Osovo from anywhere in the world.

I am planning my writing schedule in such a manner that I can grow my tree to its fullest in the coming months.

Please participate in the growing and picking process (by dropping by often) that has already started happening here.

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Thanks for taking a tiny bite of my freshly picked Persian Lime. See you soon with another post that will add more juice and aroma to your life and mine.

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