The Power Of The Surya Namaskar

The Power Of The Surya Namaskar
Worship the sun each morning. Allow your body and mind to awaken with the soothing rays of the sun entering our pores at dawn.

A few minutes spent in front of the morning sun has immense benefits which have been spoken about for centuries.

In India, where Yoga has been followed for hundreds and thousands of years, it's common to perform a simple sun salutation routine known as 'Surya Namaskar'.

Researchers and scientists have learned that performing this routine every single morning helps in long term health benefits and better focus during the days ahead.

An awakening of sorts is also observed wherever Yogis have been practicing this morning exercise routine for years on end.

A quick search online will give you hundreds of videos which clearly outline the steps involved in performing these sun salutations each morning.

It's important to note that these exercises must be done only in the mornings and preferably as soon as the sun has risen.

A typical salutation routine involves standing up in the direction of the sun (preferably in front of it) and then proceeding to lying down and returning to the same standing position in a series of 12 steps.

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An important aspect of this Yogic pose is to keep the hands joined together all through the process.

The 'Surya Namaskar' means to greet and worship the sun. And one does this by joining both hands together as a warm greeting.

In the Indian culture, it is typical to greet other people with a Namaskar as well.

It's a sign of warmth, friendship and respect towards the other person.

A slight bow, bending forward, is also common to do while greeting others with the joining of hands.

Other cultures in Asia such as the Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malay also follow their own versions of the hand greeting...

But it's mainly through Yoga that the world knows about the immense powers of the Surya Namaskar.

A deep spiritual awakening and oneness with the Universe is achievable when one wakes up each morning and worships the sun as it rises up in the sky before our very eyes.

It's amazing how energized and focused you feel when you have performed this simple sun salutation exercise just for 10 minutes in the morning.

Give it a shot soon and I'm certain that you will keep doing it once you realize the tremendous powers and benefits of this easy and simple routine.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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