Chocolate, Calories And Osovo

Chocolate, Calories And Osovo
It's often said that good friends are similar to Chocolate since they are sweet and wonderful while they are also like calories since they tend to stick with you too.

A short post on chocolate and calories coming your way on Osovo today.

There is a garden blooming within us and this pasture needs constant watering for it to truly blossom and grow.

Our soul lies waiting for us on those quiet and peaceful days.

What does she have to say, meditate for a while and you shall know.

Opening one's eyes is best done when one's mouth is firmly shut.

True knowledge can enter your brain only when you are silent and listening.

It's no wonder that 'listen' and 'silent' share the same six letters.

Starting off a friendship tends to get tougher as we age. However, there is no excuse for not making friends as you grow older.

Friendships must be formed where you give to someone and not expect that person to give back in return.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to give and not expect anything back in today's materialistic world.

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But there are still people who stick with you and keep giving without wanting anything back from you.

It's far better to be one such friend than to find one.

What a wonderful world it would be if each person reading this post would be a giver and not expecting anything back.

On Osovo, I promise to keep sharing pieces of my heart and bits of my soul without expecting anything back from you in return.

Random musings that are uniquely different such that you shall not find anything similar anywhere else.

I know that no one writes Musings like me since I've spend many hours trying to find someone who does write them like I do.

It's a must to be silent in the audience while the opera singer sings her tunes LIVE on stage.

Painful and soulful voices enter your ears making you feel weak inside.

A good singer can inspire you and make your hair stand up after his or her performance.

Music is the slice of life, and a human's close and trusting friend perhaps. Turn on the music and the rhythm shall expect nothing in return from you.

The best things in life are normally free and usually cheap.

Seldom do you need to pay a bomb to purchase the finer things in life.

Our definition of luxuries in one's life needs to be modified since a diamond isn't a girl's best friend.

For sure!

Worries and stress kills Millions of people each year.

More people die of stress than hard work simply because they spend more time worrying and stressing rather than working or doing something more constructive with their time.

It's time for me to head off into the Sunset on this beautiful day here on Osovo.

The world is slowly opening up for us as I sit here in front of my computer and write out these musings for you.

Random words put together which sometimes make sense, other times don't make that much sense, either way you are free to read them whole or walk away while you still can.

Thanks for dropping by, hoping that you come back soon, not expecting you to fulfill my wish unless you really want to.

But I know that visiting this website might soon become a habit for you and me.

See you soon...

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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