A Moment That Will Last Forever

A Moment That Will Last Forever
A dozen close friends is a luxury that not too many of us have. Most of us have the company of a few good friends and that is that.

Somewhere along the line we realize that the most important thing in life is to be happy.

Nothing else but happiness is what we pursue and desire almost till the day we die.

Unfortunately, we don't admit that this is what we really want.

We go chasing cash and fancy cars, luxury boats and expensive homes, living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle seems to be the key to eternal happiness, but we realize a bit too late that it wasn't so.

I promise my readers that I would return within a few minutes to share with you what my soul wanted you to know.

Another long post coming your way right now. It's been a long time coming and it's finally here.

I've loved spending time with you over the last several months now. It's been a fascinating and joyful journey that's been as rich as it has been illuminating for our minds.

The bonds formed, the friendships created, and the long winding lines of yet another Savio DSilva post made it all so damn worthwhile.

The freedom to do what you want to do and the passion to follow through with what makes you most happy inside.

This is what has driven me from my younger days and it has kept me insanely busy in my relaxed and wonderful world that I call my own bedroom.

Blogging has been the path to inner serenity and tranquility. The quiet moments wherein all that I can hear are the tapping sounds of my keyboard is what I live for every single day.

Yes, no writing on holidays and weekends for me though. This passion thing has its limitations and thankfully I found them soon enough.

Taking anything to extreme ends is never the wise thing to do.

The road to the North and South Pole aren't built yet and you should be smart enough to know that by now.

A barking dog seldom bites but the wisdom inside the creature's lungs is what makes him open up his mouth wide to exhale those irritating sounds.

The tailor usually loves to praise his own needles and sewing machine. The cook loves the taste of his soup.

And the opera singer simply adores her own voice. It's a sure thing that singing one's own praises might not hurt one much but sure displeases the bystander.

Jealousy is a crazy thing...

Far too many mortals have spend countless hours focusing their efforts on discussing how jealous they are about their neighbor's home without even pondering about the sorry state of affairs that they are digging themselves deep into.

When in a deep hole it is best and wise to stop digging.

For the more you dig, the more you shall go deeper down into the hole of your own creation. The sad part about realization is that it often happens far too late.

Understanding seldom happens when it's the right time to understand it. Knowledge never shows up when we want it most.

Perhaps the solemness of this awesome night is getting to me right now.

The day has been blissful and relaxing like it has been for me several times before.

You being here is the icing on my cake. Didn't expect anyone to show up so soon after I hit the publishing button.

Millions will read these lines and wonder if I am an alien as the words might not resonate with their minds as soon as they read them the first time round.

The deepness of these subliminal thoughts put down on paper (computer) are that one gets to truly understand them only after reading through these pages a few times over.

Illumination happens during the darkest hour. The light of the candle spreads the most when the room in which it sits is the darkest room around the planet.

We are becoming socially dead creatures as we let ourselves be sucked into the torrents of technology and modern slavery.

Perhaps I'm typing too much, too soon for you. But some insight must be thrown on the sorrowful things coming your way.

For I am a messenger of the light and the servant of the darkness.

The opposites rule me without me taking myself to the point of extreme consciousness.

Laugh along with me today for the vultures wait for you around the next bend, this block of madness is soon coming to its end.

And we shall part as if we never knew each other even a little bit, it's better to have spent some time alone than be in the company of worthless friends, for what use our friends who don't even know if you are alive or dead.

The lines move on, the soul train fuels itself up for yet another pilgrimage, the stars might have something else in store for you, but my path is already etched on the walls of this space.

Forever destined to share pieces of my soul with the passing strangers.

You don't know what trip you've undertaken but the journey of words has already come to an end on this beautifully sublime day. The words don't normally come out as often as they have done tonight.

My quest for companionship has ended with you spending these last few minutes with me. It's been wonderful seeing you so deeply engrossed in reading the lines I've written.

The social media trail you were on before this has turned you into a dispassionate being. Now the real human hidden inside has surfaced right in front of my very eyes.

It's been a date to remember, a moment to cherish, you and I, me and you, call it whatever you want, but the friendship has been forged, and we two shall pass into another world, but this moment shall last forever.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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