Reality Unplugged

Reality Unplugged
I am at a crucial juncture of my life, been writing a story to publish as an audio book, and at the same time I've been pushing forth with my blogging hobby.

Both are similar careers and both are not merely hobbies since they help pay the bills and they are things that I find enjoyable to do for a few hours on weekdays.

Don't know which way the future will go for me but I am truly enjoying the present moment.

Today was a rather busy day but I still made it to my computer to write this one out for you.

I love writing these posts and I have become accustomed to coming here almost every day to write them for my readers.

I ain't sure what's there for you to take away from this one.

Perhaps just the fact that my life has the same twists and turns like everyone else should be something that will make you connect with me a lot more.

The truth is that I feel deeply connected with my readers. Some kind of spiritual connection for which there is no real explanation.

Do Not Click This

A paranormal phenomenon for sure since neither myself nor my readers can understand why all of us end up coming back to these blogs to read (that should be you) and write (that's me) these posts.

There is no real decision making skill required out here. We all just land up on the same page to read what the writer has to say.

Sometimes enjoyable, usually interesting, and always connecting reader and writer in some way.

650 Million pages views for our content pages since 1999 is no easy task.

It puts my blogs right up there with the topmost blogs on the internet.

And the fact that we have been doing this for over 18 years makes this little achievement stand out large.

Maybe it's the sheer honesty and common sense with which I write these posts that interests and attracts the reader.

Or perhaps the utility value of these lines adds a vital dimension to the unique habit of you coming back again and again, week after week, and month after month to these blogs.

Another set of musings come to an end.

Decision making is a habit in my life and I'm so glad that I made the decision to focus some time on my content writing hobby.

Love communicating with the invisible reader even though my life becomes visible for you.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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