Another Day In Paradise

Another Day In Paradise
Find myself staring at the blue sky above, not a single cloud in sight, another pleasant and beautiful day, the entire afternoon lies before me.

Relaxing near the window, listening to some pop music, an upbeat mood, wondering where this is going to take me, it's vacation time and the house is full of people I love, the sounds of laughter and chatter fill up the air, I really love my life.

So little work to do, so much fun to have, hobbies fill up my evenings, music enters my ears all day and night, carry a song on my lips, and no burden on my shoulders.

The pigeons are busy building their nest in the tree opposite my window, the many branches of the large Banyan give them enough room to build their future family, just feeling blissful and happy watching the world go by.

Days seem so short even they are though they are much longer than the Winter months (on paper), good times pass by so quickly, happiness today matters most of all, the kid running around the house screaming and laughing.

The lunch is being cooked on the stove, a cold glass of Sweet Lime Juice has just been served to me, now the sips of this healthy fruit shall be relished, I sit here writing about my wonderful afternoon.

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God has blessed me with an abundance of good times and a strong set of family and close friends that love me, so much to be grateful for, nothing to mourn about.

Ain't afraid what the future holds, just going with the flow, life is best lived in the now, rejoicing the present, focusing on the enduring moment that unfolds as I sit here whiling my holidays away near the open window.

The light breeze falls on the left side of my face, it feels pleasant and nice, the world goes by ever so slowly, no one's in a hurry inside Osovo today.

Can see the open sea in the distance, a couple walks hand in hand along the beach, the vastness of the Ocean is hypnotizing me, shall venture off for a while, lay down on my inviting bed, just another day in paradise, so much to thank God for, and now I'm off to do just that.

Thanks for your company. We shall meet again on a different day...

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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