You, Me And These Random Musings

You, Me And These Random Musings
Seems like it is the season to make decisions. Everyone I have met or spoken to recently is making a big decision connected with their careers or another major area of their lives.

Some are afraid to make these decisions while most are afraid of what happens after they make those decisions.

Making decisions is actually the easy part. Putting one's decisions into action is the really, really tough part of it all.

People get scared of making decisions not because of making the decisions but they are afraid of having to take a step forward in some direction once they have made a decision.

For me, I'm finding it difficult to counsel people these days. Every client of mine is coming to me with a varied set of problems and they are expecting me to offer them miracle solutions.

Frankly, I am unable to do so and perhaps they should have understood this when they came in for a session with me. But no.

They expect miracles, and that too, within an hour of counseling them over Skype!

Not easy. I would rather not take up many counseling sessions and in reality that's what I have been doing most of the last 5 years.

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Clients just don't understand that I am not God nor someone that can solve their problems.

I am just a trained and experienced professional who can listen to you and help put things in perspective for you.

Many students of my online counseling courses find it difficult to understand the fact that good counselors are not there to give advice to their clients.

I tell my students that they aren't advice givers....

Just someone trained to listen to people and help them figure out things for themselves. I have trouble pushing the actual role of a counselor into the minds of the people I train.

Decision making skills are quite important. But more important is putting those decisions into action.

No decision is wrong, neither can any decision be completely right. Only time will tell us whether the decisions we made were right or wrong.

But moving forward with full confidence is a definite sign of someone who is going to make the decision they made into a right one, no matter what.

It's been a relaxing day for me. The sunset was a glorious one, just like it has been all this month.

The holidays have been wonderful, love lying down and staring outside my large open window, and enjoy munching on cold fruits such as watermelon and mangoes.

The Winter is just a couple of weeks away. The finest season of the year in my books though I try to make the most of every single season.

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Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
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