Random Musings On Hidden Things

Random Musings On Hidden Things
There are a few random things in the world that cannot be hidden too easily.

Some of these things are objects like cash and smoke, emotions like love and sorrow, and diseases such as coughing and sneezing.

But there is another emotion that people seem to be hiding pretty well these days and this emotion is happiness.

Maybe people just aren't as happy as they used to be or perhaps showing that one is joyful might trigger jealousy in the neighbors' eyes.

Who knows why everyone is unhappy or hiding their happiness in the modern world.

Digging holes in our hearts and stuffing all our positive emotions inside is becoming quite an annoying little habit.

We wear masks all the time, different ones for each of our friends, and cute ones for those special people in our lives.

Playing games has become part of our personality and we refuse to give up until we fall flat on our faces a thousand and one times.

Let go off your wants and the objects that you desire shall fall right into your arms.

The infamous law of attraction in operation in a really twisted way.

Do Not Click This

Displacing the mosquito squeezing the blood out of the hand of your enemy isn't your concern really.

But it's worth it to be nice and say that the little insect is making hay while the one you dislike calmly ignores the blood squeezing process.

A race of any kind is not about hasting your way till the finish line for the sweet taste of haste will undoubtedly lead to you falling down before touching the finishing line first.

Start off with a great burst of energy but pace yourself in such a way that you can enjoy life's attractions along the way till the funeral pyre.

Drinking wine is enormously good for our health. A glass or two can usually liven up your evening while pumping some good things into your system.

But gobbling down a few more glasses will ensure a drunken night and a stiff hangover the next day.

There are many cures for hangovers but the one that usually works the best is not drinking to get drunk in the first place.

Lift your glasses to the skies and drink to make merry but stop the gulping down of liquor when you feel that your feet aren't completely in your control.

Doing anything in extremes leads to a great shortening of your life span. Do everything in moderation, don't overdo anything, and the good life shall open up and welcome you in its arms.

An ignorant and stupid person can create havoc inside the minds of a dozen wise men simply by asking a hundred silly questions that none of them can answer.

It's been a great start to my new adventure of writing for you on Osovo.

Life's just begun here, a new day, yet again, and I'm happy that so many of my friends and loyal readers have come along to spend some time reading what I have to say.

Off for a quick break. It's time to enjoy a brief period of relaxing conversation with my family.

If the one above is willing then I shall return soon enough to make your day.

You (the reader) are the wind beneath my wings as I fly through this mighty space in the clouds.

Thank you for believing!

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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