Musings During The Second Indian Summer

Musings During The Second Indian Summer
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Feeling great? Let the world know.

Today is a fantastic day of fun, socializing and relaxation. It's a weekday!

Chilled out for most of the day, enjoyed a few cups of fine Darjeeling tea, loved relaxing along with close friends and family, now just sitting here listening to some terrific music from the 70s to 80s.

Retro is certainly in over the weekends. It's too bad so many music lovers of the current generation don't listen to the classics that often.

Friendships are the best relationships to have. Cherish old pals and make some new friends wherever you go.

Technology in the modern world has made the act of making a friend much more difficult than we realize.

I've heard many people tell me how it's become so difficult for them to make good friends in today's busy and chaotic world of technological and mechanical slavery.

Don't want to push you into a tight corner you can't get out from. I'd rather flash a big smile ((-: and move on with writing this post for you.

Do Not Click This

Catching something is frantically difficult when your hands are full.

The juggling act starts when we have too much on our plate and need to do more than one thing at the same time.

Our focus deteriorates as we juggle many things at the same time.

Enjoyed munching on some spicy cheese bites that my wife prepared for tea.

Yes, it might be a funny snack to have along with a hot cup of tea but I loved every little bite that I took of this tasty and juicy snack.

Always do the right things at the right time. Some may love you for it while everyone else will admire your good ways.

I'm fortunate to have a few close friends who are always there for me whenever I need to hang out and chill.

I'm guessing that you have loads of good friends as well. After all, spending time with friends is the true joy of life.

Apart from spending time with family and friends, I love spending loads of time alone as well.

I love meditating and daydreaming while laying down on my large soft bed.

Hours and hours of my daily time are spent on simply relaxing and lazing around the house.

What's a week without fun, rest and relaxation?

The second Summer's here in Mumbai, India.

The days are hotter than they have been and the tropical heat can only be tackled with chilled beverages and relaxing days near my large open window.

A human being that drinks iced tea over the long weekends and every Summer night is also someone that has tea on his mind most of his free time.

This is an interesting fact about drinking fine Darjeeling Tea.

Talking about beverages, we already have prepared fresh Muskmelon Juice and kept it to cool in the fridge.

In due course of time the jug full of juice will be poured into glasses and drunk slowly and enjoyably to quench our thirst and feel a bit high on a hot night this 2nd Indian Summer.

It's obvious by now what's been on my mind all day today. Time to take a break and relax with my old friend - a chilled cup of Tea.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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