How To Genuinely Care For Others

How To Genuinely Care For Others
There are two kinds of people in the world....

Those that know you exist and those that don't.

Those that care about you and those that don't.

Nowadays, though, there are few people who show that they genuinely care about you when in reality they don't give a damn.

These so-called caring and concerned folk are all around us. It's difficult to spot them easily since they put on their act of caring about you so well.

Keeping their true motives well hidden from you till the time is right for them to cash in.

Be curious. Dig deeper.

Never assume that the person who pretends to care about you actually does.

An easy way of finding out if someone actually cares about is simply by trusting your gut instincts.

Do Not Click This

Another way is to check whether that person has been there for you (when it really mattered) in the past.

These days, with Facebook and Twitter on the rampage, it's easy to pretend that you like something when you actually don't.

All it takes is the pressing of the "like" button and you have shown that you appreciate something that someone you know posted.

A survey I carried out recently revealed that (out of 100 odd Facebook users tested) that people would click "like" for someone who they didn't even know much but would press the "like" button much, much lesser for someone who they actually knew for a long time.

Basically, our friends go around giving likes for fan pages that don't really matter to them but it pains those very friends to click the "like" button when you post a status update.

It's reality happening in front of your eyes but you don't see it that easily until now that I've mentioned it here.

People we know pretend to care about us but aren't willing to "actually" show it.

It's tough to find good friends in the modern world that we live in.

Most people are selfish, think mostly about themselves, and are concerned only about things that affect their personal lives.

Everything else is just a waste of their time.

In many ways, doing so, helps them live sheltered and protected lives.

They don't risk going out of their way for someone else even if that person really needs their help and assistance at that point in their lives.

The results can be clearly seen...

Stress levels are rising.

Depression is your new best friend.

Loneliness is your soulmate.

But this can be changed if from today you genuinely start caring for other people and stop putting on the act just to get attention.

Friendships matter. Quality relationships make us happy. Don't ruin and mess up your life further by being selfish all the time.

What goes around eventually comes around. Happens much more quickly than you realize actually.

Be nice to others, show them that you genuinely care about them by being there for them when they really need you.

Nothing is remembered more than a kind and caring gesture of someone who helped you out when you badly needed them to.

Be there for others from today and you will find that you shall never be lonely, sad or depressed ever again.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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