You Are One With Me On Osovo

You Are One With Me On Osovo
A relatively somber evening is passing by, the cup of tea was over even before I had begun to enjoy it, a lot on my mind perhaps, or just that a burning question was occupying my mind as I stood at my bedroom window.

What does it take for a life to qualify as a great one?

The heart of a human being is as insatiable as one's stomach. For our bellies are like Gods to whom we must serve food and water every single day.

And our hearts long for the greatness and fortune that society claims is necessary for a life to be termed as a successful one.

A slow walking donkey can reach thousands of miles ahead on a given day in the future. The physical stamina and tremendous persistence of the animal must be seen to be believed.

Praise is a snack for the reader today. I sing your praises and I buy myself another day of your company on Osovo.

Not much else can do that, apart from a spirited spree of useful and amazing posts.

Being invited to the Savio DSilva party online is not as relevant or essential, as actually taking the time to be here, on these pages, reading my posts.

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I've been the black sheep of Bloggers on the web since I woke up from my peaceful slumber far too late.

Perhaps the only little worry I have is that I should have started off with writing musings much sooner.

Speaking comes naturally to me. Countless hours of talking ever since I've hit puberty have gone into the refined process of writing you see on display today.

Mental control is far more important than physical prowess.

A tree never hits a truck unless the vehicle runs right into it. There is a certain discipline that Mother Nature displays and humans can learn a lot from her.

The pursuit of happiness is never the right nor the logical way to find it. I'd suggest that you lay still and rest so that it comes right to you.

Joy is like a butterfly. Chase it and you may never catch it, stop and it will come rest right on your open hand.

The gentleness of this moment is starting to swindle away the restless nature that possessed me a few minutes ago.

The ease with which one can spread messages over long distances within seconds is something that's quite unbelievable.

The internet has made communication a cup of hot tea.

Typing away at my computer is a joy and passion that fills me up whole.

The soul inside rests peacefully at night and sleeping without waking for 8 hours is as easy as saying 1-2-3.

Life's a boat that sails ever so gently through serene waters of a beautiful lake.

All around is silence and calm, the nothingness of the present moment is mesmerizing me with its hypnotic smile.

The world is an open one today. All are welcome in every single corner of the globe. You can explore without physically being present in the chosen land.

There are many who dream about being successful while they sleep at night while just a select few actually wake up and work towards their desired destination.

The finest sights to see on a journey usually come last on the trail.

The egg lovers normally eat the yoke last since that's the part that they wish to savor the most.

Our favorites in life are like the apple pie we love to eat at the end of a hearty meal.

The soft music playing in the background is causing me to lose my train of thought as I sit here typing away to glory in the darkness of my bedroom.

The room might be dark but my soul is currently illuminated. The words are flowing and I've typed out over 660 words in less than 15 minutes.

The beauty of being able to communicate with so many souls throughout the world is what it's all about.

Just sitting here and opening my heart and soul to you right now. Nothing else matters.

The privilege of having such a varied group of readers dropping by to catch up on a lively stint of reading is not what everyone has the fortune of having.

You are special to me. My rapid communication does not fool you one bit.

You know exactly why you are inclined towards coming back to my sites every single day.

You feel you belong here.

More importantly, you feel that you are part of my life and that I am part of yours.

The invisible friendships that are forged between you and me is an eye opening extravaganza for your mind.

You are enlightened by my soul's illumination. Enough said in one post, the messages are loud and clear.

I will be back with more to say to you. Don't go away just yet.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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