Thank You, I Love You

Thank You, I Love You
Friends come and go, though some tend to stay a while longer than the rest, don't worry if you love a few of your friends more than you love the ones who have been there in your life forever.

New things happen to us everyday...

Being versatile enough to embrace change is a refreshing way to welcome unique, different and new things in your life.

I've been purposefully writing over 200 posts during a single month. Want to make a habit of getting used to breaking old habits.

Writing differently, on varied topics, is already helping me feel a wonderful sense of adventure each morning when I wake up.

Actually make that each Afternoon when I wake up.

I love sleeping much more than the average human being, after all, there isn't much work for me to do, and my habit of focused efforts pay off strong, I write over 200 posts a month effortlessly.

Do Not Click This

What's Osovo?

Any standards of writing and publishing here?

Or the same old writings that you have gotten so used to?

Well, this is just a different packaging been given for the same random messages and musings that I've been dishing out over the past several months.

New avenues for you to explore though, it's a different bond on a totally new website.

Blogging is the way to your heart and soul.

For me, writing away like I was born to write has turned me into a lovable and popular blogger during the last few years.

There is something new for all my darling readers here.

The feedback comes in thick and strong, I read them during my leisure time, love hearing what my dear readers have to say, they say the same things too, "keep on writing darling Savio", and they cut it short saying that they have nothing more to say.

Over 2000 people have sent in their feedback during the last 3 years.

Maybe I'm an Oprah or Dalai Lama in the making, don't want to be like them, though I love knowing what they are up to.

Life for me is what I make it, I let God show me the way, and I just follow down the drawn line.

Teaching an old monkey something new isn't going to make a difference to the old animal, but that's where the human genes are slightly different.

We love new and exciting things as long as we see it as something interesting and fascinating.

I could go on and on about what you would like me to write about but the fact is that I will just keep on writing posts like I have been doing.

New packaging, a great 5-letter domain name, but the same old guy relaxing at his computer writing these messages and musings for his Millions of readers who come this way long after you and me have been here.

Thanks for your constant loyalty, I love you, and I get this weird feeling that (for once) you love me back in the same way.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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