What Is Disaster Management

What Is Disaster Management
Disaster management addresses the broad classification of disaster namely natural and human-made, relatively differently.

In the case of natural disasters, mitigation seems like the only possibility where humans find themselves powerless against nature’s fury.

Human-made or artificial disaster can be mitigated and above all prevented in the first place.

But the irony is that the gluttonous consumption of natural resources actually can create human-made natural disasters as we see them happening today.

Disaster management also treats or deals riots, war, epidemics or anything that jeopardizes a large scale of human life, as disaster.

One of the core principles of disaster is the proverbial saying that stresses the significance of prevention being important than the cure itself.

Though organizations like the Red Cross are popular disaster management organizations every individual can learn a few skills and lend a helping hand in emergencies.

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The complete elimination of threats or disaster itself is highly unreal, yet disaster management aims at minimizing the consequences of disasters to the lowest minimum.

There are short term and long term courses these days which help students learn about disaster management.

It is a subject and field that is becoming popular because of the number of natural disasters taking place all over the world.

Disaster sadly never presents itself before it comes and always strikes at the most unexpected hour, bringing chaos, distress and confusion.

But mitigating disastrous manifestations or learning to deal with its effects is generally what disaster management is all about.

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