How To Develop Both Sides Of The Brain

How To Develop Both Sides Of The Brain
There are two sides to the human brain - the right and the left.

Most of us know this already but what we don't know is that we must balance the use of both of these sides to have much more powerful personalities.

Using both sides of our brain isn't as easy as it is for me to write it down here.

But there are some simple ways to develop both sides and utilize them equally thereafter.

Firstly, you must find out which side of your brain you currently use the most.

There are tons of sites online which give you a free test that you can do to find this one out.

Right now itself, I can help you figure this one out.

Just join your hands naturally and check which thumb is over the other.

If the right thumb lies over the left one then you are using your left brain much more than the right one.

And if the left thumb lies over the right then you are using your right side more than the other.

Simple huh!

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If you find that both thumbs lie side by side then you are utilizing both sides of your brain equally.

It has been noticed (in photographs and videos) that extremely popular people in History such as Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon, Amitabh Bachchan and few others have used both sides of their brains most of the time.

Once you learn which side is being used more then you also come to know which side is not being used that much.

And so you must work on developing and using the weaker side a lot more to achieve the balance that's important to live a wonderful and amazing life.

Simple meditation (deep breathing) exercises exist to develop the other side of your brain.

Please be advised that these breathing exercises aren't for those suffering from breathing issues or asthma.

To work on the other side of your brain simply sit down on the ground of your room and close your eyes.

Then focus on listening to the sound of your breathing while you breathe in and out slowly.

After a few minutes when you are in a deeper state of relaxation you should put your finger on the opposite side of your nose and breathe only through one nostril.

For example, if you want to start developing and using your left brain then you must stop breathing from the left nostril for a few minutes and only breathe in and out from the right one.

Similarly, if you want to develop your right brain then simply focus on breathing through the left nostril while blocking the right one.

Do these breathing exercises for 10 minutes at a time and around 2 to 4 times each day.

Please make sure you are comfortable while doing this. Consult your family doctor first before you start doing these breathing exercises.

Other ways of developing the weaker side of your brain can be found out through researching the web.

However, I find this deep breathing exercise quite easy to do and highly effective.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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