What Is The Release Technique?

What Is The Release Technique?
Release Technique is an encyclopedic term embracing various anatomical practices that emphasize on enhancing the efficiency of movement needed for different physical activities.

In order to facilitate movement, greater emphasis is rendered on the skeletal alignments, breath, joint articulation, tension in muscles and use of gravity and momentum.

Release Technique is believed to have its traces in Therapeutic-Movement Techniques such as Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and Cranio-Sacral Therapy etc.

It also has its strands in both modern and post-modern dance-specific practices along with the eastern philosophy and practices like Yoga and Martial-Arts.

Eric Hawkins, Doris Humphreys and Mary O'Donnell Fulkerson etc are considered to be the predominant practitioners of Release Technique.

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Though, Release Technique primarily emerged as a somatic paradigm; in modern days it is said to be exploring the mental and spiritual dimensions as well.

Many of the practitioners claim it to be a therapy ensuring holistic well being of individuals and are propagating its practice through different media.

Anger management, stress relief, health and wellness, spiritual growth, dropping depressions and overall personality developments are claimed to be attained by Release Technique.

Both online and offline sales of CDs and practice manuals related to Release Technique are very much in fashion today.

Though, reviews and comments on the outcomes of Release-Technique appear to be quite paradoxical; the trust of people in it perpetuates incessantly with greater intensity.

Neha Shah
Neha Shah
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