33 Quotes About Buying And Selling Domains

33 Quotes About Buying And Selling Domains
Domain Investing is the art and science of buying and selling domains. Those people that make their living buying and selling domains are called Domainers.

I decided to write a bunch of quotes, sayings, and proverbs that are directly (or indirectly) related to the domain environment.

These domain investing quotes are real words of wisdom extracted from the lives of true domain investors like me.

We are certain that you shall find some of them nice, and many of them useful for your own domain sales business.

1. Real domain knowledge is to know what you don't even know you don't know (about domain investing).

2. Domain investors who are cautious rarely sell their domains.

3. Learn domain investing just as you have lived your life till this day - one day at a time.

4. When your domains sell, do not use up all the money made to buy new domains.

5. If you do not know how to sell your domains, why not start learning the art from those that do?

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6. The domain seller that expects to sell 100 domains a month must first learn how to sell 4 domains a day.

7. Do not worry about people not buying your domains. Be more concerned about your inability to sell them.

8. When a certain keyword becomes a trend online, be among the first to write an article about it.

9. The superior domain seller is stubborn all the time, and not intimidated by other domain sellers around him.

10. The more time spent on building a good domain portfolio, the better the chances of selling them at a good price.

11. Not sharing the knowledge about domain sales that you possess (for free) is like God charging us a dollar each day just so that we can live.

12. If you do not know much about domain investing, why bother worrying about why your domains don't sell.

13. To sell a thousand domains in a year, one must begin by selling the first one.

14. Whenever and wherever you plan to sell your domains, do the selling bit with all your heart and soul.

15. Domain sellers must be sincere, honest, and loyal to the profession. Above all a domain seller must be flexible and street smart.

16. To be successful in domain sales, one must keep selling domains no matter what the situation or circumstance.

17. A domain investor who goes only for the big fish seldom catches one.

18. Bettering your domain selling skills is the single most important skill required to be a great domain seller.

19. No matter how great your domain names are, you still need to go online and sell 'em.

20. All the domain investing knowledge you possess is useless if it isn't applied in your own business.

21. If you register more domains than you sell, one day you will be broke.

22. Being truthful and sincere are the virtues of every genuine domain investor.

23. Don't be worried about the success or failures of other domain investors, worry about your own.

24. Domain investing without the knowledge is effort wasted.

25. An expert domain seller who does not share his secrets is the same as a domain seller who hasn't sold a single domain this month.

26. A true domain seller never quits selling his domains till he or she dies. A fake domain seller quits after the first few sales.

27. To learn from a fake Domain Guru is already the beginning of the end for the student.

28. A domain seller's greatest success is not in selling hundreds of domains a year but in selling one domain each day.

29. A true domain investor has faults as well, and he achieves greater heights when he works on eradicating them.

30. Domain sellers who just submit their domain names (for sale) to an auction site, and do nothing else to sell 'em, are fake ones.

31. Selling domains without a clean heart is like walking on water. You simply can't do it.

32. Live you life to the fullest but ensure you stop everything you are doing when it's time to sell your domains.

33. Those that sell hundreds of domains each year are not blessed with great names. They are talented salesmen armed with a brilliant plan.

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