Top 10 Money Making Niche Categories For Bloggers In 2018

Top 10 Money Making Niche Categories For Bloggers In 2018
2018 will be a year of reckoning for many Bloggers and website owners alike. Many online businesses will start, some will shut down, and some will be running out of funds to keep themselves afloat.

However, there will still be many who make a decent living online via their blog and website earnings.

Most of these experts, who will continue to do well even in tough financial times, know a few things that most others don't know.

And, one of the things that they know is the right markets to cater to. In other words, they know which niches work at what times.

2018 will be a year which will see most countries facing really rough economic times.

Millions and millions will become jobless, and many more will need to do almost anything to put food on their table, or pay the rent.

However, I have identified 10 niche categories which will do well in 2018.

In fact, these 10 categories might do better than they did in 2017 or earlier years.

Such will be the demand for products and services in these 10 niches.

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Here are 10 niche categories which will rule online in 2018.....

1. Online Education - More and more people will start signing up for online courses to help them gain added qualifications in a tough job environment.

2. Weather - 2018 is going to be a great year for businesses that serve the weather market. All goods and services connected to the weather niche should do very well with dozens of Hurricanes and Earthquakes slated to happen in 2018.

3. News - Websites, blogs, domain names connected to the news niche will do exceedingly well in 2018 since more and more people will be connected more than ever to news channels, sites, blogs, and services online that provide the latest news in various categories.

4. Online Employment - Websites and companies that offer online employment will do extremely well in 2018. Most such providers will do well since millions of people will be constantly searching for means and ways to earn a few extra bucks.

5. Health - Both physical and mental health service providers online will perform pretty well in 2018 since physical health related problems and mental health issues will touch an all time high in 2018.

6. TV and Music - Perhaps the biggest gainers in 2018 will be the TV and Music industries, closely followed by radio stations, and the movie industry. More and more people will be at home watching TV nearly all day, and those that are outdoors will be hooked onto their music players listening to music. Rising stress levels will force more and more people to turn to the IDIOT box and MP3 players for stress relief and enjoyment.

7. Gaming - With more and more free time for most people, the gaming world is bound to do solidly well. Websites that provide free games for their visitors to play will do well too.

8. Coupons and Discounts - All those online service providers that help people get big discounts or coupons for products or services which they use daily, weekly or monthly will do exceedingly well next year.

9. Hobbies - 2018 will see a huge comeback for the hobby niche with more and more people from all over the world spending more time on cultivating and maintaining new or existing hobbies.

10. Sports - Almost anything directly or indirectly linked to Sports will do well in 2018. The sports niche is possibly the single biggest market in the entire world.

These are the 10 website (or online) categories that will do well in 2018.

Kindly note that some categories which will also come close behind haven't been featured here.

Those categories include....
1. Scams - More and more people and companies will scam their way to the bank in 2018. So be careful about this.

2. Gambling - Casinos online (and offline) will do very well in 2018, and for obvious reasons.

3. Law Related Fields - There never is a downtime for this field.

4. Information Portals - 2018 will see a rebirth of information websites in a big way. The frequent updates by Google, and the deep desire for free information will provide an impetus to the online information providers in various categories. Portals like Yahoo will make a strong comeback by the end of 2018. And, Bing will come much closer to Google than you think.

5. Apps - Apps will be the category that probably will get the most visitors and hits in 2018 but since most popular Apps are free it will not be a worthwhile money making niche.

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Savio DSilva
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