5 Benefits Of Publishing Posts Regularly On Your Blog

5 Benefits Of Publishing Posts Regularly On Your Blog
Writing posts for your blog on a regular basis has a host of benefits but I will stress on just five of them here...

1. Writing an article on a popular or important topic or issue directly makes you a mini-expert on that particular topic or issue.

If your article is well written and contains crucial points covering the topic well then readers will look at you or brand you an expert on that topic.

2. Posts are a great way to help your business or content writing services grow.

When you (as a blogger) show that you can write good Posts then you are automatically increasing your market space in a high competitive market otherwise.

The more you write, the easier is becomes for you to write high quality posts that pull in the orders or sales for you and your business.

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3. Posts pull in readers. There is no 2 ways about it. You write good Posts consistently and you reap the rewards in the long run.

Writing posts may take time and does require a lot of discipline too.

However, when you write Posts on a regular basis and publish them on your blog you are almost guaranteed to pull in readers from all over the world who come just to read your new posts and nothing else.

4. Readers are generally loyal. Good posts get back readers to your blog again.

Often visitors to our blogs come back for months and years just to read more posts and gain more knowledge on whatever we write about.

Even if 10 posts you publish pulls in one visitor a day you need to know that just that single visitor is enough to turn your blog into a popular one within a year.

Because those visitors keep coming back and after a few months you will have 200 or more visitors a day coming to your blog and you don't even need to work that hard to maintain your blog after that.

Just write 1 good post every 2 days and you still pull in the crowds.

You will still get 1 completely new visitor but what matters more is that you will have 200 loyal souls visiting your blog every day or two.

5. Write posts that serve a purpose. I have possibly mentioned this a few times in the past but still some of you may not have understood the reasons for the same so I am mentioning it again here.

Readers come to your blog for a definite purpose.

That purpose may be to educate themselves, learn something new or specific, spend some time in reading about topics linked to their profession or even things like problem solving.

It comes as no surprise that regularly updated blogs and informational websites are usually very popular on the web since they serve a definite purpose whether it is providing information or helping the visitors solve some problems.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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