The Tiny Guide To Career Counseling

The Tiny Guide To Career Counseling
In this world of preset mindsets, and goal-oriented youth is there a need of career Counseling?

What purpose would it play?

How could it help a person realize his potential and guide him to his particular goal?

Many years ago, while I was studying, a friend of mine went for a career counseling course to get an idea to what could be good for him.

He was told to conduct a test and after the test, when the results came out, he was told he could be a typist.

He flung the test results in the dust-bin and told me that this information was useless to him.

He later joined the shipping line and is now a Captain for a multinational company.

He believed nobody could decide his future for him, and his mind was made up, so nothing made a difference to him.

So I decided to do some searching as to whether career counseling has any benefits and how we could avail of them.

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Years have passed since this incident, so what would be going on now, since every industry is always progressing, as the years go by and career counseling should be achieving new directions every year since it is exposed to a lot more than we can think of.

As I dwelt in to find out more about it, things started to change. First of all, I realized that career counseling had moved up many notches and it was more about guiding the individual rather than slotting him into a particular profession.

I would like to mention right here that anyone can avail of online career counseling services by Savio DSilva.

He is considered to be one of the best and most experienced vocational guidance counselors on the web today.

The baseline about career counseling is that it is the field that works with you to achieve your goals based on your needs and strengths and helps you become the person you want to be.

The thing that was not new to me was that always do the work that you are most passionate about which would mean being in career where you have the interest and the passion, because that is where you will start to excel.

The top players in every field talk about finding the thing that you are most passionate about, and also about finding your strengths and your weaknesses.

In career counseling, the counselor works with you to find out your strengths and your weaknesses.

The counselor charts a career path for you, which you could follow and there is a better probability of success in this method placed before you, if you feel any different the choice is yours, like my Captain friend.

Psychometric testing is a method which is used these days as a tool to analyze the qualities in an individual - things like his abilities, attitudes, knowledge and personality traits which is done through tests on the basis of which they can coach individuals.

Career counseling, is not just restricted to students as many people would assume, and let me tell you why, and that is because there are people will traditionally follow a particular line that they enjoy and will continue in that line throughout their life.

However, there are others, who, years down the line feel the monotony of their jobs and feel the need to pursue other options.

These people do career counseling to help them take a decision on shifting to a new career with good benefits and stability, as per their particular need.

It’s a fact of life that people who wanted to do a particular profession in their younger years may not want to continue that profession later on.

And it is to be considered as a sign of change that every human being wants to undergo and career counseling helps them to make that change.

Career counselors have a range of opportunities for work - from being education counselors in schools, colleges and Universities to having their own practice and exposure in training programs and seminars.

Trusting someone blindly is not the right thing to do. Career counselors give you suitable choices and solutions after conducting relevant tests and direct counseling sessions.

The results of such services help in the client identifying the right solutions to their problems and making definite decisions about their careers.

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
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