Be Like The Wings Of An Eagle

Be Like The Wings Of An Eagle
The most important part of a bird's body is her wings for she cannot fly to different places without them nor survive without it for too long.

The hunting birds are those whose strategic use of their wings has helped them catch prey at swift speeds.

For a human being, our wings are our own self belief.

If we truly believe in ourselves then even the impossible might become possible.

Fully believing in one's self is crucial to achieving success and happiness in one's lifetime.

Life is smooth sailing when we move forward with a strong sense of self belief and supreme confidence in ourselves.

We can go anywhere, achieve our goals, and live the perfect life.

Even perfection bends its tail when the wings of your being fly towards it.

It's a beautiful sight to see an eagle fly high in the sky.

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It floats around so aimlessly and joyfully, the manner in which it glides along the sky is an amazing sight to see.

Watching birds fly high in the wide open sky is definitely a pleasant feeling on any day of the year.

For us, just being alive is a blessing since so many people pass away when they are too young.

Many die just moments before they enter into this world.

And Millions of toddlers die each year due to some disease or the other.

Being alive and well is the best thing ever. Making full use of our talents and skills is the other.

Spread your wings and go places, see more, do more, live life more purposefully.

Don't hold yourself back, everything is possible, whatever talents you have should be harnessed and used well.

Skills that you possess should not be wasted, spend daily time on enhancing and growing all those talents and skills that you have inside of you.

Those are your wings and not using them to fly is pretty much like a crime.

Living a truly fulfilling life involves making full use of one's God given faculties.

Don't go chasing rainbows when what you really want to do is chase some stars.

Do what you were born to do, fulfill your purpose, live your life doing things that you truly enjoy and love to do.

Don't clip your own wings, never underestimate your own powers, you can fly wherever you want to.

All you got to do is dream a little dream inside your mind, work it out on paper, and then spread your wings and fly towards the desired destination.

Never limit your own beliefs and dreams. Don't tie your wings up.

Focus on your target and fly full speed towards it.

Life's a hunting ground and you are the one who must live your life as the hunter who hunts down your dreams and truly lives your life fully.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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