The Importance Of Focus And Discipline

The Importance Of Focus And Discipline
A human being cannot have grey eyes. This is a fact that I read about a few minutes ago.

But it seems like there are a few people who do have eyes that are grey in color.

When you are unable to find peace within you it is most difficult to find it in the outside world.

The simple act of sitting or laying down in silence helps you find peace and relaxation.

It's when things happen to someone else that we find it funny. But when those very things happen to us then it's not so funny.

The hours passed by so slowly today, didn't have much to do, and perhaps my idle mind made me feel a bit bored.

The Afternoon nap didn't help much apart from making me feel a whole lot lazier.

Tea time is fast approaching, the smell of the cake baking inside the oven is causing me to hurry up with writing these lines.

The sun shall set an hour later, the children are playing in the park below, pigeons enjoying their evening feed, the people have been generous to them today, full bowls of wheat grains for them to feast on.

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Sometimes, our facial expressions can explain things more elaborately than our words can do.

A careful study of another person's body language shall tell you things that their words cannot express.

You may try to force someone to do something (such as falling asleep) and the individual may close their eyes but will probably not fall asleep until they themselves want to.

It's an odd post, this one, probably the lazy fingers and the idle mind aren't helping me at this moment.

The lines that came before this clearly shows how important focus is.

I'm someone who loves writing and blogging but even all the love, interest and passion that I have for this vocation cannot get me to come up with high quality work.

Unless I have planned things well, clearly outline the points I want to share with the readers, and then plant my bottoms onto my chair, focusing solely on transferring those targeted points onto the publishing area before me.

The random musings before you today shows the importance of focus and discipline.

I have both in abundance and this is one of the worst posts I have written in quite a while.

Next time, I shall do better or I will not write until I am clear about what I want to say and firmly focused on the task at hand.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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