On The News, Money And Time

On The News, Money And Time
A lot has been happening around the world lately but the biggest news story of them all is the forest fires in California, USA.

Few years ago, at around the same time, a passenger plane went missing. Till date, I am unsure if they have found that plane.

The world is so large that it's almost impossible to find a huge passenger jet that's crashed or landed somewhere in the ocean.

Having a single tree on one's farms is better than having open and empty fields stretching out in front of one's eyes.

It's usually better to have a bird in the hand than having one hidden in the trees.

The bird in the hand is the unlucky one since her time on earth is quickly ending.

Fortunate is the bird out there, free in the trees.

Thinkers and writers that have thought and written differently must always face criticism and complaints from everyone else.

The life of a writer who writers musings and posts like I do is never one where no negative feedback or harsh critics comes their way.

The length of a month and a year will always stay constant even if you live it with joy or sorrow but it's always better to live one's life in the lane of happiness.

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Never think that you are too small since you will only demote yourself to the size of an ant.

But please remember that even that tiny little ant can cause tremendous worry to the tiger when it is inside the wild cat's ear.

The fame and glory that comes from pure talent lasts forever.

It's only the ones that don't have real talent that depend on other things to make them a quick buck.

Nowadays, crappy music floods the market.

Online downloads and music video views are in the Millions for songs that don't deserve to be played even in a car that carries solely the driver.

Talent-less musicians are striking gold at the moment since ignorant fools and positive losers have enough of their parent's money to blow on the crap that occupies the shelves of music stores.

Reality shows that pretend to portray reality have turned into dramatic soap operas on our idiot boxes.

Perhaps the time has come for all of us to take a few steps backward and reflect on the pathetic situation we are forcing our lives into.

People are literally gifting their loved ones Brain Cancer by giving them the latest smartphones on the market.

It is surprising how easily we have all forgotten how deadly the radiation of a mobile phone can be when the internet and calling service is on.

Life is too short to waste one's time on pointless activities and useless friends.

Live more freely and simply, enjoy yourself much more, for tomorrow may never happen the way you intend it to.

I once loved someone whom I wanted to spend a lot more time with.

But when I went over to her place to let her know how I felt I discovered that she was already walking down the isle of our neighborhood church with someone else who did the proposing before I could.

Time and tide waits for no one.

Add people to the mix and you have a killer saying that goes like this....time, tide and people wait for nobody.

The three of them go their own separate ways long before you can get to where they were just a few moments ago.

Live in the present moment. Life is too damn fragile to live it any other way. Practice Mindfulness.

Don't waste time since time wasted is time that's lost forever.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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