29 Thought Provoking Ways To Live Better

29 Thought Provoking Ways To Live Better
1) Motivate yourself from 'inside - out'. Because others are very busy to do so for you.

2) Do some introspection on your thoughts every now and then. In days, you will think and act a little better than before.

3) Talk with like-minded people every now and then. For, you can see 'you' in them. You will be at bliss thereafter.

4) People may deceive you by their dishonest sharing. Be alert to avoid such people.

5) Practice cheerfulness. Let the world's miseries be washed away.


6) Things in surplus will stop you from moving forward. Because too much of anything is always a poison. The surplus may be your knowledge, wisdom, time, wealth, money, etc.

7) Never quit working towards your goals. You might not know, that you are just a step away from success. Motivate yourself to keep working.

8) Do have some consideration for the well being of others. Life is all about giving and sharing.

9) Never underestimate others. All are equally talented.

10) All have their own pluses and minuses. Let us see the pluses of others and wish that the minuses be minimized.

11) When a mistake is done knowingly, a punishment will be there for sure. Accept the punishment, for it purifies your mind and heart.

12) When children shout in anger, be calm to find the trigger or the source. You may start from there to work on your children's emotions.


13) The world of psychotherapy would go jobless if known the fact that all phobias are the result of prolonged fear and all fear are just an imagination of our mind. Self realization will make one realize this fact.

14) Never rule your parents with your ego. Instead rule their heart and mind by your unconditional love.

15) The world is in need of listeners. Give your humble ears to just listen. You will be the cause of miracles happening in someone's life by being a good listener.

16) People who boast a lot are those who are in need of acknowledgement. Please acknowledge others for their good habits and behaviors.

17) Love conquers the world. So invest your time in giving love. Soon you will feel the joy and bliss in you and many others.

18) Never forget the help that you received during a period of misery. Because they who helped you were the messengers of God.

19) Take half a bucket of water a mix a little Dettol in it. Now dip the wipe into the water, squeeze it and then wipe the pillows and the bed. Those who have a dust allergy can have a good night's sleep with no sneezing.

20) Humanity is digging it's own grave. Wake up to save it. Else, the world is in danger. A complete destruction will happen for sure.


21) Live for yourself. Do not live a fake life to show off your power and prosperity to others. You are digging your own grave.

22) Be flexible like a Bamboo stick. Because rigidity destructs your inner Self completely.

23) Flowers give their best even in their short life span, say a day of life. Humble human beings, give the best of yourself for the wellness of all mankind.

24) Practicing being in the now brings about bliss in the moment. Stay focused.

25) While traveling, your body heat increases. So eat light foods, especially consume more fruits to balance the Acid & Alkaline levels in the body.

26) You attract from the Universe that what you wish for! So let your wish be great and high.

27) Have the habit of repeating positive affirmations all through the day. In just a matter of days, you will transform into a more beautiful form.

28) Live a sophisticated life, but not at the cost of losing your self identity.

29) At periodic intervals, extend your contact circle by making contacts in a new field. Life will be more interesting with learning new things.

Gomathi Senthilkumar
Gomathi Senthilkumar
Counselor. Life Coach. Full Time Mom.

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