Cook Islands - The Most Romantic Island Destination

Cook Islands - The Most Romantic Island Destination
Cook Islands = Rarotonga Island, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro, Mangaia, Takutea, Manuae, Mauke, Palmerston (Southern Islands) and Pukapuka, Penrhyn, Manihiki, Rakahanga, Suwarrow, Nassau (Northern Islands).

Yes! Cook Islands is one beautiful Island which has all these Fifteen islands together.

Where nine of these islands are in the south of the Cook Island and Six are at the north.

Each of these small islands which make one Cook Island have their own specialties.

The advancements are restricted in the Cook islands to preserve the nature's beauty. The Governments does not want the islands to loose its charm and the culture. The gift of the nature is the salient feature of the islands and all the efforts are made to protect the same. Apparently there is a rule that no building can be higher than the tallest coconut tree.

Cook Islands fall in the South Pacific Ocean. Cook Islands are self governed and have democratic parliament system. They also have free association with New Zealand. As the islands are at the north-east of New Zealand.

New Zealand takes care of the Defense and foreign affairs of Cook Islands. Most of the Cook islanders (citizens of Cook island) go to New Zealand for their education. Though the Islands do not have a massive population because of lack of infrastructure and other facilities.


Avarua is the Capital of the Cook Islands and has the International Airport. Avarua is in the Rarotonga island which in the south group of the islands. The neighboring islands of Cook islands are French Polynesia and American Samoa.

Cook Islands History - The name of the Islands was kept 'Cook Island' in the honor of British navy Captain James Cook. James Cook first reached the island in 1773. He named the islands as the Hervey Islands but the name "Cook Islands" was found on a Russian naval chart which was published in the 1820s. Thus, the Island has been called Cook islands ever since then.

The history of Cook islands is very as old as 6th century (Common Era). Polynesian people first settled here in the 6th Century. Then the Spanish ships arrived the islands in around 16th Century there after the Europeans also discovered the islands and wanted make their colony but the Islanders fought hard and the Europeans had to leave. This happened in 1814. Later in 1821 the missionaries from England came and settled there and as a result till today Most people on the islands follow Christian religion.

The islands was a British colony for about 12 years starting from the year 1888. In the year 1901 New Zealand decided to Annex (join) the island so that it could be saved from France ruling it.

There was a lot of disagreement and opposition from the local chiefs because they would not remain as powerful as they were once the New Zealand Government administers the islands. But eventually on 1st January 1949 the islanders received New Zealand's citizenship. It could be made possible because of the British Nationality and New Zealand Citizenship Act 1948.


In the year 1965, New Zealand Government decided to remove their colonial rules from the islands and from then the Cook islands are self governed.

Cook Islands Occupation - The main occupation of the people is related to tourism. The islanders also are involved in Agriculture and fishing. These activities are the base of the economy of the Cook islands. The Arts such as Carving, weaving and patchwork are also popular on the islands.

The main languages which are spoken on the islands are English and Maori.

Cook Islands Weather And Climate - The climate is similar to Hawaii. The winter is enjoyed from May to October, though its not very chilly. The weather remains soothing and pleasant, the temperature is around 22 to 27 degrees Celsius. Where the Hotter months are from November to April which have very are barely different from the cooler months.

Cook Islands Activities And Adventures - The main activities for a tourist consist swimming in the blue clear water, diving, surfing and experiencing the nature's wonders and wildlife. Though some areas on the islands are not suitable for swimming and diving or water sports because of the reefs and it is mentioned in advance. The other activities which are enjoyed by the visitors are Sightseeing, day tours and cruises all around the islands.

The hotels, restaurants and resorts are available in many price range to make it easy for any income group visiting the Cook islands.

New Zealand Dollar is the main currency in Cook islands.

The main features of each islands could be described like this....


Southern Islands

Rarotonga(Tumutevarovaro) - Rarotonga is the main island of the Cook Islands. It's shape is like a circle and is encircled by a “ring” road – Ara Tapu.

Aitutaki(Araura, Ararau, Utataki) - Aitutaki is also known as Honeymoon island, is the tropical island and is extremely peaceful and serene.

Atiu (Enuamanu) - Is the land of the birds. Atiu is a volcanic core bordered by coral and cliff with green forests.

Mitiaro(Nukuroa) - Mitiaro With unimaginably less population. The fish dancing in the water and around the reefs and cool underground caves.

Mangaia(Au’ Au) - Mangaia is the oldest and the southernmost island of the Cook islands.

Takutea(Enua-Iti) - Takutea is a small island. Surrounded by Coconut palms.

Manuae - Manuae a shallow lagoon and not been touched by the human advancements.

Mauke(Akatokamanava) – Mauke is popular for its golden beaches and secret caves.

Palmerston(Home Island) – Palmerston is a tropical island.

Northern Islands

Pukapuka(Te Ulu-o-Te-Watu) – Pukapuka is an ancient island. The history is as old as 2000 years.

Penrhyn(Tongareva) - Penrhyn is the largest and northernmost island. It has deep blue lagoons.

Manihiki - Manihiki is known for the famous black pearl industry.

Rakahanga(The sister island to Manihiki) – It is suppose to be broken off from the atoll. Rakahanga is one of the most isolated islands and is at risk of disappearing.

Suwarrow(Treasure Island) – Suwarrow is called the “most romantic island in the world”.

Nassau - Nassau is a very small island and set on a coral reef, its a sand cay with no lagoon yet.

Visit Cook Islands at least once during your life span!

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