A Powerful Habit To Boost Your Memory

A Powerful Habit To Boost Your Memory
Carrying a pen and a few sheets of paper or a Dictaphone along with you at most times is one of the most powerful habits you can have. These days, even your smartphone will do.

Life's biggest and brightest ideas often comes to you when you least expect it. You could be relaxing in your bedroom or taking a shower or lazing around the living room all day and suddenly you have an idea about something or the other.

At such times, quickly making note of these ideas is important since you probably will forget about most of them if you try to write them down later on.

A Dictaphone is something that's priceless for someone like me. I find myself lying down in my bed or relaxing on the sofa when suddenly I think about new topics to write about or dream about something that I can turn into an interesting story for my readers.

I quickly take my Dictaphone and record whatever is going through my mind while it's fresh in my memory. Very often, just the habit of having my Dictaphone or some paper and a pen by my side is what helps me retain (and remember) almost all the daydreams, thoughts and ideas I have during the day.


Sometimes, we get our best ideas or dream about unique things during the middle of the night and then suddenly we wake up remembering all those things that we just dreamed about and don't do anything about it because we think we will remember it later.

Then in the morning we try and write what we dreamed about and we discover that we don't remember much about it anymore.

I have had several writers and bloggers tell me that they had their best visions and stories come to them when they were relaxing in Mother Nature or lazing around the house. All of them follow this powerful habit of having pen and paper around most rooms of their homes and some (just like me) carry a Dictaphone along with them in their pockets.

This way, they never lose out on a sudden burst of inspirations, thoughts, or ideas. They are ready to record or write down all that is going through their mind as quickly as those visions occur.

When you try out this powerful habit, you will find that you instantly tap into the power of your mind and open up a huge resource of information and knowledge that you earlier never thought you had.

The ability for human beings to remember even a sequence of 10 words in a row is very difficult. Let's say I told you to remember the following 10 words in the same order or sequence as I type them here....












Now that you have read the 10 words in one go try and write them down quickly on a piece of paper or type it out in your Notepad.

You will find that it is extremely difficult to write down all 10 words I typed out for you in the right order that they were shown on this post page.

Try it again with another sequence of 10 words. And then another time. You will find that it's awfully tough to remember all 10 words in the right order.

If it is so tough to remember 10 simple words then how can you remember all the thoughts, visions, dreams, ideas and things that go through your mind all day and night.


The power of having a Dictaphone or pieces of paper and a pen by your side or on your body makes a big difference to how focused you are and how much information you can retain during the day.

You don't need to record everything that comes into your mind since that's an impossible task. Neither do you need to write down everything that shoots across your mind.

Just write down all those ideas, visions or dreams that you have during the day or when you wake up at night and that should be enough to help you in the near future.

There is great power in our dreams and daydreams. But those powers are useless unless you can retain or remember them so that you can actually put it to some use in your life.

Most of my stories that have been read by a few Million people are stories that started off as a daydream while I was just laying down on my bed or meditating in my central park. If I hadn't quickly recorded those stories down then there would be absolutely no way I could write down those stories for my readers to read.

Our memories are unlimited but in order to tap into our unlimited sources of memory we need to help our brain by nothing down everything that we think is something that's essential or helpful for us to remember.

There are probably going to be 1000 words or more in this long post of mine. There is no way any one of my thousands of readers will ever be able to remember the exact words I have written here unless they make a copy of it or remove a printout of this entire page and read through this post a Million times.

But if you write down this entire post yourself or record it on your Dictaphone or cell phone then you will notice that you can remember most of the words on this page without reading through it several times.

Bottom line, carry a pen and some paper with you at most times. Also, if it is feasible then get yourself a Dictaphone so that you can record important thoughts, dreams and ideas that cross your mind during the day.

I guarantee that you will find this simple habit to be one of the most powerful habits in your personality and life. It will greatly enhance your performance and keep you feeling more focused during the day.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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