The Little Guide To Serotonin Syndrome

The Little Guide To Serotonin Syndrome
Serotonin Syndrome is a very powerful and life frightening adverse drug reaction. This syndrome occurs mainly because of overdose of drugs, accidental interaction among different kind of drugs and use of some recreational drugs.

This syndrome is not basically an idiosyncratic drug reaction and can be predictable easily through peripheral serotonin receptors and excess serotonergic activity happening at CNS abbreviated as Central Nervous System.

Because of its toxic and deadly nature some experts and doctors also referred it as serotonin toxidrome or serotonin toxicity.

Other names associated with Serotonin Syndrome are serotonin poisoning, serotonin storm, serotonin sickness and hyperserotonemia.


The excess activity of serotonin also leads to series of effects like somatic, autonomic and cognitive.

The symptoms of this syndrome range from simple to very deadly.

Recent tests conducted on various drugs and their combinations showed that they cause Serotonin Syndrome.

Early diagnosis helps in identifying the symptoms and can opt for better treatment.

One interesting thing to note about this syndrome is it can be easily mistaken for the other nerve related problems such as neuroleptic malignant syndrome.



The symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome occurs very fast just in few minutes. To find out the exact signs we need to carry out a series of clinical findings.

However some mild symptoms include dilated pupils, sweating, increased heart rate, myoclonus, shivering and over responsive reactions.

Moderate intoxication also leads to hyperthermia, high blood pressure and hyperactive bowel sounds.

In moderate intoxication the temperature will be more than 400C. Some times mental status will also change.


How to treat Serotonin Syndrome?

Discontinuing the medicines which are responsible for administering serotonin antagonist is one simple treatment.

Adjacent medication includes benzodiazepine sedation which effectively controls the agitation.

If the severity of the disease is very high then there are more chances of death.

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Kirti DSilva
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