The Tiny Guide To The 360 Area Code

The Tiny Guide To The 360 Area Code
The state of Washington utilizes the area code with the number 360 assigned to it.

Specifically designated to the western part of Washington state and commenced operation in the year 1995, and the month January.

360 area code was the first area code in America with a number other than 1 or 0 in the middle of the 3 digit code.

The towns and cities which use the 360 area code are Whidbey Island, Washougal, Vancouver, Stanwood, Snohomish, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Port Townsend, Port Orchard, Port Angeles, Olympia, Oak Harbor, Mount Vernon, Marysville, Kelso, Ferndale, Enumclaw, Centralia, Camas, Burlington, Bremerton, Bellingham, Arlington, and Aberdeen.


The 360 area code is so popular in the country that the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission has predicted that every single phone number will be used by the year 2017.

It is expected that this area code will either be changed or modified to make way for the new members using this code once all numbers are exhausted.

There are a few million people using this area code in their phone numbers thus making this area code number one of the most common phone number code in the entire continent of North America.


Washington state is governed by 4 major area codes with this area code of 360 being the most popular. Some 360 area codes also use the prefix of 727.

Please do not confuse yourself between area codes and zip codes. Zip codes are used by the postal services to identify your address better whereas area codes are used primarily for telephone communication in America.

It is important to know exactly where this area code is used since there are so many people who use it. Knowing the code of the area helps in finding the person by their family name much faster.

Also, you can easily search for a person online if you know their area code and the exact city or town in which they live in.

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The locations covered in 360 are code are majorly metropolitan areas thus it is one of the biggest area codes used in the country today.

The 334 area code used in Alabama was started in 1995 and on the same day as this area code.

You can easily locate a prank call when you know the area code it comes from. 360 area code is one such area code where millions of Americans live and thrive. It is one of the most common area codes used on Television and by News Stations.

360 area code comes in the Pacific Time Zone but changes along with other states when the Daylight Savings are applied in November each year.

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